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Ushi No Tane
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Volcano Town

Dr. Hopes House is located to the south of Volcano Town. This is where you go for your weekly maintenance. You can use the Shine Pod anytime to recharge your PP. You can also sleepover by using the top room on the 2nd floor.
Residents: Dr. Hope & Vita

Masamis Bar is the first building on the left when entering town and is open in the evenings on weekdays and in the afternoons on the weekends. Nana works in the Bar in the evenings. On the weekends, Masami teaches classes while Lemmy minds the Bar.

Gayaks House is the first building on your right when entering town. Gayak and his wife live here with their dog Chocola. Their granddaughter, Marcia stays the night on Saturdays.
Residents:Gayak & Marlene

Shop A Million is located between the Bar and the Mayors House. Million runs the store and lives in an attached house behind it with his father, Gallion, and Masami. Lemmy also works here in the stock room.
Residents: Million, Gallion, & Masami

The Mayors House doubles as Town Hall. Here you can find the Mayor doing his duties in his office in the afternoons. The Christmas Party will be thrown here in the Winter.
Residents: Mayor, Dorothy, Charles & Jessica

Branch Ranch is located just up the hill from Shop A Million and is marked by a large bell hung over the roadway. The Branch family live in the house in the front and the barn is located behind the house.
Residents: Vanessa, Jonathon, Becky, Simon & Lionel Branch

The Fire Spirits Shrine is a cave between the School and the Branch Ranch. The Spring Festival is held here. An altar to the Fire Spirit is erected within.

Volcano School is up the set of stairs north of the cave. Nana and Max live in the small purple house, while Bobby, Sharon and Principal Rose live in the school house. All the children attend school here and there are classes for everyone on the weekends.
Residents: Nana, Max, Bobby, Sharon & Principal Rose

Other Buildings

Power Company
Weather Observation Tower


Spring Festival is on the 4th Sunday in Spring. Gayak asks you to grow any crops other than turnips and potatoes and ship them by the 4th Saturday in Spring.

Contributors: Chikita, Melody Muse

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