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Ushi No Tane
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You will get robot Forte as a helper later in spring (gift from dr. Hope).

Forte has a few settings for you to choose.

He does not help with either tilling and harvesting, that burden is up to you.

Buggy: When you unlock the blue gems, the professor gives you a buggy, it is ALWAYS located in front of the ruins slightly to the right. (every morning it is reset back to that location no matter where you leave it the night before).

Buggy allows you to travel several times faster to most places. I say most because you cannot drive it into the mushroom forests located in the island, or some of the caves later in game.

Other machinery are the BasKet - Rail and cart system, you buy the rails (straight or "L" shaped) and lay them out around field, it helps you move baskets. Requires a motor, carts, rails and autoshipping unit (and baskets, of course). You can also ride the rails standing on carts!

The automatic shipper ships the crops inside baskets that run in FRONT of the shipping box. To make autoshipper system work, your rail system should be built as a loop (no beginning or end).

Around end of Winter Year 1, you will get Life arms from Vita, 14 of them - they attach automatically to your baskets. They harvest all mature crops 5 spaces around them - so leaving one space on the middle of the square field will work (longer fields like SE one will require two baskets). Make sure their path of work do not cross (no less than 10 spaces between baskets). Also note that with larger field they run out of basket capacity - you may want to come back in the middle of the day, ship full basket and activate life arm again to finish the field. (you activate live arm by pressing "O" while standing in front of the basket).

Contributors: Xing, Voda, Melody Muse, Yaneci

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