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Ushi No Tane
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Once you reach a certain stage, you can find a fisherman randomly in his home in the desert. If you tell him you like to fish, he will become your friend and allow you to fish with him when you find him. He changes location each month. Talk to him if you want to fish. This does not seem to serve any purpose other than unlocking new cooking recipes (you cannot keep the fish).

In Spring he can be found at the small lake shore corner near the hot spring. During the Summer he is fishing near the field with the horses, east of the desert. Upon Fall he moves near the repaired bridge), and in Winter he is at the Eastern Lake near the East Mushroom Forest (past the phone art piece).

You level up your fishing skill with each fish you catch. Small fish are worth 5-8 points, large fish can be around 30 points. Time stops while you are fishing. When you fish in Summer, listen to wave sounds - you will hear small wave, large wave (loud), pull the line right at the large wave! (I got about 10 fishes first day using this method, couple worth 30 exp. points!). In Autumn, watch white patterns on the water - there is something that looks like a fish - big white spot, when its *head* reaches your line, pull.

*Spoiler* The fisherman can also teach you how to whistle so you can talk to and ride the wild horses. But you can not keep a horse, so not much point to this either.

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