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Yellow Jewels Makes crops mature faster and retain water for one extra day.

Blue Jewels Makes crops retain water for 6 extra days.

Red Jewels Makes crops mature faster, but will also dry up more quickly.

Purple Jewels Makes crops mature faster and retain water for 4 extra days. Crops will also sell for higher than usual.

Orange Jewel Makes crops mature very quickly. But, water retention is the same as usual, so do not forget to water.

Green Jewel Makes crops mature faster and retain water for 6 extra days. Crops will also sell for more than usual.

Black Jewel Only possible to obtain by mixing different color jewels in altars and leaving them for 2 seasons. Increases animal happiness. Crop effects - ?

Using Jewels

You must set 4 Jewels of the same color in each of the four corners of a field to get the effects of that jewel. You cannot mix Jewels. Even after the Altars have risen and Jewels can be replaced with others, you must keep four of the same color in each of the four corners of a field in order to empower them.

When a field containing a set of four jewels is next to two other fields, the influences of the two neighboring fields will begin to act upon it, ultimately transforming the four Jewels in the field.

Floating jewels

After a certain amount of time the jewels will rise. This will allow you to replace the jewels with a different color if you wish to get a different effect for that field. The jewel needs to be in place only at the time of harvesting to get their effect. So a benefit of changing the jewels would be to replace them with purple or green, just before harvesting, so you get the benefit of the increased shipping price.

Color changing

When two floating sets of Jewels of different colors touch a third set at any point, their power may combine to change the color of that set to purple, orange or green after a full season has passed.

To create the color of jewels you want, you need to have the right color combinations.

There is one field in the southwest area of the Easter Ruins that touches both a field in the Northeast and one in the corner of the Southeast. This is the field that can be used for Jewel color transformation.

Finding jewels/unlocking areas

First Cave: Once you get the Grain Family key from Dr. Hope you will be able to enter the first cave. You will find only three chests containing 1 blue jewel and 2 yellow jewels. Sadly this is not enough to unlock anything.

Second Cave: Once the bridge has been repaired (which happens on the 1st of Summer) you will be able to enter the next cave. There you will find 2 yellow jewels and 2 blue jewels. You should now have 4 yellow jewels, enough to unlock your first area.

First Unlock: Once your yellow jewels have activated (upon the next morning) they will unlock a sealed yellow door inside the 2nd cave.. There you will find one more trunk containing a blue jewel. Now you have enough to unlock another crop field.

Second Unlock: The next morning once the blue jewels have activated they will open a door located on the front of the ruins allowing you to buy seeds from Millions store using Vending Machines.

The blue jewels will also unlock your barn area located in the storage area where your seeds are kept. On one side is where chickens and cows are kept. The other side will hold sheep.

Third Unlock: At the end of the second cave is a sandstorm barrier. Once you receive the buggy from Dr. Hope, the sandstorm will vanish and you will be able to explore that area.

Fourth Unlock: After you have met the Old Hermit Lady you will be able to get through the fallen trees located to the left of the second cave and enter the 3rd cave.

Third Cave: In this cave system behind the fallen trees you will find red, purple, yellow and blue jewels, along with some new upgraded tools and some very useful Earth Power Sand. Again, you do not have enough jewels to unlock anything more, yet.

Fifth Unlock: After another check up with Dr. Hope, Masami will come by to talk to you and give you a red jewel. You will now have 4 red jewels and can unlock another crop area.

Fourth Cave: The next morning the door located behind the elevator transport thing on the entrance level will be unlocked, allowing you to enter the fourth cave. Here you will find many items; including another upgraded tool, 3 red, 2 orange, 2 purple, and 1 green jewels. You will also find the Angel Ribbon (Give it to Jessica, and she will give you a Red Jewel in return), money, and a Water Crest (for the Hermit).

Sixth Unlock: Take the Water Crest to the Hermit and she will give you a Forest Crest in exchange. Then walk south of the Hermit hut down to the Mermaid Lake. Get off your buggy if you are using it and stand by the water. The mermaid will come up to you. She will make the mist vanish so you can explore that area at the end of the third cave. Here you will find the Monsoon Watering can and two sprites/spirits to talk to.

Seventh Unlock (During Winter Only): After the events following the Christmas Party things will get very busy. Take the Forest Crest to the formerly misty area at the end of the third cave. Some tree roots that blocked the entrance to the Giant Forest will open. All the trunks in the misty forest will also open. And you will be able to enter the tower on Mermaid lake. You will find 6 blue, 3 Red, 3 Green, 2 Orange, and 1 Purple jewel. 3 more upgraded tools, and get the water crest back.

Eight Unlock: You should have enough jewels to unlock 3 crop areas using purple, orange and green jewels. The Green jewels are the most important.

The green jewels breaks the seal on that lonely green door in the section of the 3rd cave, where it shows you from a distant angle along a path. Enter the 3rd cave and take the right side exit, then the top right exit.

The purple jewels will open doors so that the cave systems link together making one huge cave.

The orange jewels unlock the two doors located on the front of the ruins.

Fifth Cave (Behind Green Door): In this multi-cave area you will find 4 yellow, 3 purple, 3 red, 2 orange jewels, another upgraded tool, and the Fire Crest.

Ninth Unlock: The four yellow jewels will unlock the door at the end of the underground lake area in the second cave (down the stairs before the exit). Here you will get Cool Pins (for Million).

Final Jewels: At the frozen lake talk to the fisherman and look down the hole. You will find two more blue jewels in the ice cave.

Contributors: Peach_Tea, Voda, Melody Muse, Milly-lee

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