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In Innocent Life there are a variety of animals available to you once you reach a certain stage of the game (this may be a spoiler if you keep reading). The Two of them a Sheep dog(Default name :Chocobi) and a cat (default name :Yogi) are given to you after a certain amount of playing time. The doctor will give them to you.

In IL:SE you can befriend a stray cat as well. Marcia will tell you of a stray cat she saw near the suspended bridge. the kitten is actually near the phone. talk to it a few times and there you have a 3rd pet.This cat (default name: Cocoa) prowls around the front of the ruins and goes inside on rainy days.

All animals that you can raise do not need feeding OR do you need to spend time trying to harvest their produce. They are all automatically done everyday, except the sheep whom are sheered every Friday at 5:30 pm. You do, however, need to pet your animals daily or they will become upset and not produce for you. Just go to each animal and press triangle. (in Year 2, you may want to buy "Mother's touch" from Pink mask - not only it will allow you to brush animals twice to raise affection faster, it also raises value of crops you harvest)

Once you reach Summer and unlock the BLUE seals on the Easter Ruins you will now have access to the farmhouse for the Chickens, Cows and the Sheep.

You purchase your livestock via the TV that is located inside your room. The Ranch World Channel.

But before you can buy them you need certain items/machines known as the Cluck-o-matic (for the chickens), moomoo-o-matic (cows) and the Baabaa-o-matic (sheep). You can get these from Jonathan (farm owner, wears purple shirt) and he will give you the cluck-o-matic first. Once you buy a chicken talk to him again and you will get the Baabaa-o-matic so you can purchase sheep. Once you buy a sheep go talk to him again and he will give you the moomoo-o-matic. Now you can buy a cow. You can not buy any animal without first getting the machine. You can have maximum 5 of each animals.

There is a mayo maker and cheese maker next to the conveyor belt in the chicken/cow barn.

Also, there are two places for Jewel stones - if you have spare stones to place (even temporary), they will increase animal happiness and produce quality (not sure which stone does what).

In Year 2, "Star" quality animals will be available through Ranch TV channel - you may want to read explanation before purchasing.

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