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There are NO recipes like the ones in HM.

Instead, you watch the cooking shows that changes one a weekly basis (10 parts in total before it starts repeating). Each one you watch will allow you to cook more things. With Episode 1 it will allow you to make Tea, Coffee or Herbal Tea.

To cook, just go to your kitchen and press the action button, it brings up a list Drinks, Cutting, Boiling etc. Which represents the category of food you want to make (you're allowed to cook more as you watch the shows).

With the cooking the GRADES of the item you produce is somewhat random.

Initially with Tea you make something like Nasty Tea, then improving up to something like Apple tea. (like 5 of them in the list for tea as you improve, eg. Nasty, Normal, Good, but not necessarily in that sense).

There some who have hinted that the foods you cook actually depend on cooking stats AND the items that you ship on your farm.

Cooking Shows

There are a total of 10 episodes to the cooking chanel, here is a list of each episode and the corresponding recipes it unlocks.

Episode 1: Drinks



Herbal Tea

Episode 2: Cutting


Fruit Dessert

Episode 3: Cutting (Advanced)

Sushi (You must catch a fish in order to make any of these.)


Episode 4: Boiling


Curry and Rice

Episode 5: Cutting Drinks

Vegetable Juice

Fruit Juice

Episode 6: Boiling (Advanced)

Boiled Fish (You must catch a fish in order to make any of these.)

Boiled Vegetables



Episode 7: Grilling


Salisbury Steak

Episode 8: Grilling (Advanced)

Grilled Fish (You must catch a fish in order to make any of these.)


Episode 9: Oven Baked Dishes

Roast Beef

Macaroni and Cheese


Episode 10: Oven Baked Treats



Contributors: Xing, Melody Muse

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