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There are 2 different Endings in Innocent Life.

For the Good Ending, you will become a hero and finally be accepted as a citizen. After talking to the other villagers (if you want - notice the alien) Marcia will come fetch you and take you to Dr. Hope's side where he'll talk to you a bit before he dies. Then the credits roll. After the credits you will see Marco pondering about why his "Super Coolant" didn't work. Then he walks in to the dug out area, an explosion is heard and he walks back out, realizing something.

If you fail at Calming the Fire Spirit's Rage, You'll Wake up on Spring 1st Year 3 with an earthquake. The volcano will then erupt, and you will be floating on a single piece of land, and then Dr. Hope's Ghost appears and tells you that he put something special in you to help. You are automatically placed back on your first morning in the ruins. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ-LudUH8xE]

You will have one more challenge from Fire Spirit after the credits roll; to farm 1000 crops in Wasteland. You will have two years to complete this request, or angry alien will take over town! (Thankfully it is rather easy to complete in one season). In Innocent Life Special Edition for PS2, however, you have to farm 5000 crops in Wasteland and you have 1 year to do so (a more difficult task).

If you fail at that , the Fire Spirit will release the alien and it'll work its magic making everyone who's human and make them talk the "Gaga" language. (Literally... The TV shows aren't affected by this though, not even "Weather News" or "Cooking Life".)

After that challenge, you are free to live and farm at your free will.

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