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Ushi No Tane
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The Protagonist, Life: An Android (model name: Innocent Life) created by Dr. Hope. Life was given land at the Easter Ruins to run a farm, in order for him to learn the value of life and become more human.

Dr. Hope Grain: Dr. Grain is also known as Professor Hope. He was born to a family who operated the Grain farm, but when he was young his parents were killed in a boating accident. In school he showed great talent in many fields, including biotechnology and human engineering. He invents various agricultural machinery. The woman he loves/his sweetheart falls ill due to unknown circumstances (possibly because due to his experimentation in agricultural machinery?) and he begins to doubt modern agriculture. Following the incident, he refuses to work and resides in a villa near the lake.

Vita: Vita is the maid of Dr. Hope who also lives with him at the Manor. She takes care of the Doctor and his various needs; meals, laundry, etc.

Franco: An old man who lives at the Easter Ruins. Franco watches over Life and helps him get settled in at the beginning. He likes writing silly haikus in Saturday classes.

Moonlight: An artist who lives at the Easter Ruins, Moonlight is nocturnal; he sleeps all day long and does his work at night. He is responsible for all the works of art scattered about the island (6 artwork locations in total).

Gayak: Mr. Gayak is a close friend of Dr. Hope. His parents were very poor, and when he was in school he spent his days working in the farm to help pay for household expenses. He is opposed to mechanized agriculture and continues to work the farm with his bare hands. When they were younger, Dr. Hope and Mr. Gayak argued over what style of farming was better, but they began to understand each other and become closer friends.

Marlene Berry: Marlene is the wife of Gayak. She is a kind old lady who likes to make you Seed Bags.

Marcia Banks: Marcia is the granddaughter of Gayak and Marlene. A cheerful and upbeat girl, Marcia is one of your first friends. Marcia appears to be around your age and is a leader in school, but she enjoys farming and animals. Although her father, Marco Banks, runs the Banks Corporation, Marcia prefers to spend time with her grandparents or outside in nature.

Big Banks: Big is the brother of Marcia and the son of Lucia and Marco Banks. He takes after his father. Big loves watching television (especially the anime channel) and will talk about various episodes.

Lucia Banks: Lucia is the wife of Marco and the mother of Marcia. She takes pride in her husband's work. She hangs around with the Mayors wife, Dorothy.

Marco Banks: Marco is the head of Banks Corporation and a great inventor who brushes off legends as nothing more then old fairy tales. He tends to make mistakes, but always tries to be helpful.

Becky Branch: The daughter of Jonathon Branch, who owns the Ranch. She loves animals and horseback riding; therefore, she is never seen without her cowboy hat.

Lionel Branch: Lionel is the younger brother of Becky. Lionel tends to be a little rude, though his brother, Simon, assures you he does not intend to be.

Simon Branch: The eldest brother of the 3 siblings, he is much more outgoing.

Jonathon Branch: The owner of the ranch. Jonathon does not sell you animals, but he will help you get started, by giving you tools such as the Cluck-o-Matic robot chicken.

Vanessa Branch: Vanessa is the wife of Jonathon and the mother of the three Branch siblings, Lionel, Becky, and Simon. She teaches a painting class at the school on Saturday afternoons.

Liberta: The Owner of the Liberta Winery, Liberta lives to taste wine and will often do other activities to help improve his appreciation. He always wears a black derby.

Jean Cossack: The wine maker of Liberta Winery, Liberta holds him in high esteem.

Emma Cossack: She lives and works at the Liberta Winery. Her brother, Lemmy, is always trying to play matchmaker, and hook her up with his friend, Million.

Lemmy Cossack: Lemmy is the brother of Emma. He currently working on two jobs: stocking Millions store and running the Bar whenever Masami teaches her classes.

Million: The owner of Shop-A-Million store, Million is very shy and has a hard time talking to girls. He lives behind the store with his father and mother.

Gallion: Gallion is the father of Million and is married to Masami. He adores his wife and always attends her classes at the Bar.

Masami: Masami is the spouse of Gallion. She runs the Bar and also teaches Haiku and Ikebana classes on the weekends.

Neo: The scientific fortune-teller and weatherman of Heartflame Island. He is always uncannily accurate.

Nana: Nana is the wife of Max. She works at the Bar with Masami and teaches music on Sunday afternoons.

Max: The Gym Teacher at the School, he is also a great singer who spoils his wife, Nana, every chance he gets.

Sharon: A young teacher at the town school, she likes to walk her dog, Polo, in the mornings. She had a boyfriend once, but...

Bobby: A teacher at the local school, he gets really fussy whenever you walk in one of his classes. He likes comics and playing games on his laptop.

Principal Rose: She is the head honcho of the town school and an old friend of Marlene.

Chuck Grimly: Chuck Grimly is the mayor and is in charge of the town, but not many people have confidence in him. He does not really approve of any creations of Dr. Hope, including you.

Dorothy: The hostess of the Weekly Cooking Channel show, Dorthy is married to the The Mayor. She also bakes the cakes for the Christmas Party.

Jessica Grimly: Jessica is the daughter of Chuck Grimly and currently doing research at the town school. She has a crush, but is too shy to say anything about it.

Charles Grimly: Charles Grimly is the son of Chuck Grimly, the mayor, and also acts as his assistant. He wants to modernize the town more and does not see what the big deal is about doing real farming.

Other People

The Mermaid: The keeper of the Mermaid Tower, she is half fish and half woman and can help you on your quest to save the island.

The Hermit: She lives near the shore of Mermaid Lake sets you on the right path to saving the island.

The Fisherman: He lives in the Eastern Dunes, but can be found at fishing holes around the island. He moves somewhere else every season and will let you use one of his fishing poles if you ask. He used to have a fantastic girlfriend, but...

Colobockles (Harvest Sprites): They watch over the sleeping Forest Spirit. Knowledge and Friendship are easy to find, but Memory is lost and without him, they cannot find their way back to the Forest Spirit. If only there was a way to coax him out of hiding...

Pink Mask Representative: Moves in apartment next to Moonlight's in Easter Ruins (locked orange door)in 2nd year.

Alien: Moves in apartment on far right in Easter Ruins (locked orange door)in 2nd year

Contributors: Chikita, Da UlTmAte Hm GaMr, unknown, Voda, Melody Muse

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