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Foraging and Wild Items

In Innocent Life it is possible to collect and sell wild items just like it is in many other Harvest Moon games. However, you will need a Scale Pack to be able to harvest any of these foods.

Unlike regular crops, as well, you will receive a price per gram for the food you pick, instead of a price per unit. The tables below list how much G (Gold) you can expect to receive per every g (gram) of food you pick. (However if the items, such as mushrooms, are gathered before they are fully grown they will only count for 1G each.)

By Season

All Year

Start of Each SeasonYellow Moss*N/A
All SeasonBananas0.2
All Season Mushroom: Enoki 0.3
All Season Mushroom: Fly Agaric 0.05
All Season Mushroom: Purple Shimeji 0.1
All Season Mushroom: Shimeji 0.8
All Season Mushroom: White Wood Ear 1.0
All Season Mushroom: Wood Ear 0.8

*Use it on your tilled soil before planting to retain soil moisture longer. Each Piece of Moss is good for 9 uses, and each use covers one square.


Spring 1 (Year 2) Lily Bell ?
Spring 1 (Year 2) Lily ?


All Season Bananas 0.2
? Cacao 5.0
? Papayas 4.0
? Pepino 0.5
? Rambutan 1.0
Summer 15 Fig 3.0
Summer 15 Mock Strawberry 1.0
Summer 15 Peach 3.0
Summer 22 Blueberry 6.0


Fall 1? Cacao 5.0
Fall 1? Fig 3.0
Fall 1? Papaya 4.0
Fall 1? Pawpaw 0.2
Fall 1? Pepino 0.5
Fall 1? Rambutan 1.0
Fall 8 Apple 1.5
Fall 8 Chestnut 1.0
Fall 8 Olive 5.0
Fall 11 Mushroom: Porcini 0.9
Fall 15 Matsutake 10.0
Fall 15 Persimmon 1.2
Fall 23 (Year 2) Black Truffle ?


Winter 1? Cacao 5.0
Winter 1 Papaya 4.0
Winter 1 Pepino 0.5
Winter 1 Rambutan 1.0
Winter 20 Lily Bell 0.9

By Location

Here is a listing of where to find these wild items. Location names are taken from the signs in those areas, except where denoted by *, which have no sign descriptions.

All items listed here are expected to grow in their appropriate season, unless otherwise noted (e.g, mushrooms.)

Town Path*

Easter Ruins

Southeast Bank of East Lake

East: Mushroom Forest

East Lake

East Lake (From Southwest)*

Southwest Bank of East Lake

Fallen Trees*

East: Hearflame Desert

Heartflame Dunes

North: Heartflame Plains

Southeast Bank of Mermaid Lake

Mermaid Lake

South: Mushroom Forest

Southwest Bank of Mermaid Lake

Contributors: Chikita, Voda, Melody Muse

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