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Ushi No Tane
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Contrary to what this may seem, there are technically NO Sprites that help you (you get a flying robot to help instead)

There are 3 sprites that are part of the story - Sprite of Knowledge, Sprite of Friendship and Sprite of Memory.

There are also 3 Spirits: Fire, Water and Forest.

Along the game you need to find the Forest spirit - as it turns out he been separated by angry Water Spirit into 3 little Sprites - only two are found, the third has gone into hiding, and it is up to you to find him.

To locate the third one, known as the Sprite of Memory - first, before the 20th of Winter you must Ship at least 20 Poinsettia flowers (talk to Gallion to get 20 free seeds, but bu more, as there is at least one storm in Winter). You must be able to use the monsoon watering can in order to grow anything in winter.

Watch the cooking shows weekly (a total of 10), talk to Dorothy (the wife of the Mayor and cooking show host) in winter, visit her kitchen on 23rd after 20:00 (night bell) to help bake cakes. You must have already watched the final cooking show before the 23rd, in order to be able to bake with Dorothy.

After baking, you will find yourself at the Christmas party, and after talking to everyone and leaving with Dr. Hope, the Memory Sprite will appear.

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