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Ore mining is one of the profitable alternatives which you can benefit from besides farming and gathering wild items. By using the hammer to smash rocks in mines/caves, you will be able to find ores, which you can ship, or stones with special effects that can be attached to your tools. Keep in mind that those colored stones will lose its effect and will turn into ores once you leave the cave. You have the choice to use them immediately or put them in your bag and then set it in a socket of a tool all while in the cave. Unfortunately, you cannot ship those stones so make the most out of them :D

Stone Effects

Each stone can be used when acquired or placed in a tool's socket slot, giving an effect until the stone is used up (25 uses). All turn into Plain Ores if not used immediately or set into a socket before leaving the cave.

(You will also find Jewels in Chests while exploring these dungeons; see the Jewels Section for what those are for.)

About the Cave(s)

The caves in the game are all technically one cave, as you can see if you unlock just two of them, because you can walk up to the purple doors and see the other "caves"; however they will not be connected to each other until you unlock the purple doors.

As such, the areas all have the same base ores, but the lower levels or areas behind locked doors are the only areas that drop the larger stones, such as the Blue and Red ones.

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