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Town Shops

There is only one shop on Heartflame Island, where you can purchase many items and even tools to help you farm. Some items that may be bought at Shop-A-Million are:

Produce Seeds

Flower Seeds

Fresh-Picked Produce

For any tools you are not given or find, you can always purchase from the shop.

Scale Pack
While it may seem expensive at first, the Scale Pack pays for itself after you load up on forest mushrooms and wild fruits. An internal scale weighs the pack and tells you when it is completely full (3000 grams). You can't pick up any wild items without it.

Heartflame Island is a huge place and you can spend more than one day exploring around. If you are going to be away from home, take a tent with you and use it to replenish your energy.

Water Gun
It may look like a simple toy, but this water gun has a practical use. you can use it to water one soil square without consuming any Power Points (PP) to use. Repeated use will probably break it.

A toy made by the Banks Corporation. If you equip it and use it in the fields, it could be a farming tool. It's fun to use, so it does not require PP, but it may accidentally break. Can be used to cut one weed at a time.

Earth Power Sand
A special fertilizer you can buy to rejuvenate dead patches of soil. It will be available sometime towards the end of summer.

There are several different baskets you can purchase here, and they will slowly become available as you progress through the game.

Rails, Carts and Motors
You can purchase many different parts for your railway system from the supermarket. As you buy more and more parts, better upgrades will become available for you.

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