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River King

Fishing Contests

At the point in the storyline where you reach the Waterfall area and complete Manato's challenge, you will have the chance to participate in bonus fishing contests. Manato is your rival after all, and he wants to test your skills.

The fishing contest will start in the Pond area and then move once through the other locations. The contests are optional and there's no penalty if you lose nor an advantage if you win. Each contest will have a different set of rules. Your competition will always be Manato and Ren, while Ahaya acts as the judge.

Each contest has a time limit and you can not end the contest once you have started. You can use any type of item you have on hand, which includes Scatter Bait, flutes, and gems. You can change your fishing equipment at any moment during the competition but the contest time will not stop while you are in your inventory. If you are in the middle of reeling in a fish and the time limit is reached, you will lose the fish.

Once the contest time has expired, everyone will gather together and brag about their achievements. Ahaya will then announce who the winner of the contest is. If you are the first place winner you will receive your small prize and then the contest is over.

Pond Catch as many fish as you can 10 min. 1 Snack Cake
Mountain Stream Whoever catches the most Red-Spotted Trout wins 15 min. 1 Rice ball
Waterfall Catch the largest fish possible 10 min. 1 Scatter Bait
Stream The largest Ayu fish is the winner 15 min. 1 Lunch Box
Upper Waterfall Catch the most Char 15 min. 10 Mystery Bait
Swamp Get as many Catfish, Monster Catfish, and Tera Catfish as you can 15 min. 1 Water Gem
Underground Lake The largest fish caught wins 10 min. 1 Greenery Gem
Mountain Lake Catch the largest Monster Bass 15 min. 1 Water Jewel

After you have reached the last area, the contest will rotate back around to the Pond and go through the list again.