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River King: Mystic Valley is the first game in the Legend of the River King series to be developed for the Nintendo DS console. It is the first River King game on a handheld system since the River King Gameboy Color game was released in English in 2001. The last River King game, River King: Wonderful Journey, came out in North America on the Playstation 2 console in March 2006.

Main characters

As the game's main character, you have to discover why your sister, Yunna, can not wake up. The little girl has somehow become affected by the mysterious power of the nearby forest, and continues to slumber no matter what you try to do to awaken her. The strength of the legendary River King might be able to wake sweet Yunna, so you set out to find the giant fish.

On your journey you'll befriend three forest spirits, who each have an unique special power you can activate. You can only have one pet accompany you at a time, but you can switch pets back at your house.

RK:MV uses the Nintendo DS touch screen to reel in fish that have snacked on your bait. You also can use the touch screen for movement, character interaction, and menu navigation.

You can also connect with your local friends' copies of the game and have fishing tournaments together. The game also has a Card Collecting side quest to complete. See if you can gather all 146 cards!

River King: Mystic Valley is the 18th addition to the "Kawa/Umi No Nushi Tsuri" game series, which spans NES, SNES, PC Engine, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, N64, Ps1, and Ps2 game consoles. The Ps2 and DS versions were designed by Igusa Matsuyama, the popular character designer from the Harvest Moon series.

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