Random Fish

Butterfly Fish

Button Controls

Most of the actions in the game use the DS buttons, such as moving around, talking to creatures, or casting your fishing line. The touch screen can be used for some of the same actions, but when it comes to reeling in a fish that has snagged your bait you can only use the touch screen.

Directional Pad
  • Walk around the areas
  • Navigate to an area on the world map screen
  • Point to items and menus
Start Button
  • Open/close the Menu screen
Select Button
  • Not used
A Button
  • Look for Bugs and Plants at select spots
  • Talk with people in the fishing areas
  • Enter fishing areas from the world map
  • Equip fishing poles, bait, flies, and lures
  • Cast your line if your fishing mode is activated
  • Pull in your line when fishing mode is activated
B Button
  • Cancel out of menus
  • Make your character run
X Button
  • Open the menu screen
Y Button
  • Reel in your line after casting
Left Shoulder Button
  • Activate/deactivate fishing mode
Right Shoulder Button
  • Open the pet command screen