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Game Walkthrough

Area 8: Mountain Lake

At the top of the cliff you'll find a massive lake. Ren and Ahaya are quick to follow, as they also used the Rope that you had Tenma set up. Ren looks around and notices that there aren't any fish in the lake!

You all sit and ponder this dilemma until a horrible screechy sound is heard. Ahaya becomes frightened and eventually runs off scared, with Ren chasing after her.

Area 2: Mountain Stream

Since you've got a mystery on your hands, go talk to Tree Spirit in the Mountain Stream area. Tell him about the strange voice you heard on the Mountain Lake and Tree Spirit tells you that what you had heard was the sound of a Nue!

Nue is a tough character, but also a beautiful monster. Unfortunately her voice is so unique that everyone gets frightened and runs away, including all of the fish! You need to be able to fish in that area.

The tree thinks for a moment and tells you that Nue hates the sound of an archery bow. Since you don't have a bow you'll need to get a pole from Nekomata, the obnoxious cat in the Stream. Whipping the pole around should sound just like a bow string. If you use the Pole around where you hear Nue's voice, it should startle her and make her appear.

Area 4: Stream

Meet up with Nekomata any time of the day. She might give you what you want if you can complete her huge request. The pole is actually her Heirloom Rod and she won't give it up easily.

Nekomata requests that you bring her a Foxtail and a White Seema. The plant can be found in the Mountain Lake. White Seema can be found in the Mountain Stream, Waterfall, and Upper Waterfall. It is easiest to catch the fish during the night hours along the banks of the Upper Waterfall, or during the night in the very southern area of the Mountain Stream.

Bring the 2 items back to Nekomata and she'll do another one of her little dances like before. She will then hand over the Heirloom Rod

Area 8: Mountain Lake

Head to the northeast corner of the lake and wave the Heirloom Rod around. Suddenly a weird looking creature jumps out of the brush! Nue is loudly complaining how the noise of the pole is hurting her ears.

Explain to the strange tiger-snake-monkey girl that her voice is scaring away the fish. Nue object and says this is her turf and her voice is all natural! Threaten her with the Heirloom Rod again and she'll back down. Nue will agree to stop hurting your ears with her voice so you can fish in the lake.

Before Nue leaves you'll explain your situation to her. She knows exactly what fish you are looking for, but she has never seen it.

To continue on with the story you'll have to leave the Mountain Summit area and move around to at least 3 of the other fishing areas on the map. Return during the morning or night time. Nue won't be at her spot during the day.

Go back and talk to Nue. She has been doing some searching and she has found where the River King is! The fish king is on the Mountain Lake but not in the large lake.

Nue takes you to a little shrine that appears to be locked up. The path you need lays beyond the shrine. Nue unlocks the shrine's door and you all travel through.

On the other side is a pond of still water. Nue explains that the River King is at the bottom of the pond, but you can't dive into the water. If you bring fish to the king's pond and toss it in, the River King should appear.

You're going to have to catch a specific fish, as directed by Nue. The fish she requests are not easy to catch and can be quite rare. Each time you bring the requested fish to Nue, she will toss it into the pond's water.

The River King will surface from the bottom of the pond for about 60 seconds. If you can not catch the king during that time, it will return to the bottom of the pond and Nue will ask you for another kind of fish.

No. Fish Location
1 Ricefish (White) Pond
2 Large Rainbow Mountain Lake
3 Duke Char Upper Waterfall
4 Tera Catfish Swamp
5 King Lates Stream
6 Huge Eel Swamp
7 Garpike (White) Underground Lake
8 King Silver Carp Stream
9 Super Grass Carp Stream
10 King Huchen (White) Waterfall

Each time you bring Nue the fish she requests, you will earn about 10 seconds more for your attempt to catch the king. If you go all the way to her 10th request, the 11th fish you'll have to catch will cycle back up to the Ricefish (White) and go on down the list again.

When you do finally reel in the great fish, it's hugs and smiles all around. Congratulations! The ending scenes will play, Sasara will create a medicine from the fish scales, and your little sister will awaken from her slumber.

Once the main story is over and the credits roll, you'll return back to your house. Yunna will be awake in her room (she is still the game's save point) so you can talk to her anytime.

There aren't any new fish species that become available, but in the River King's pond a lot of uncommon fish will appear. The king itself will not be available to catch anymore but you can catch some others like Rainbow Trout (White) and Giant Snakehead. The only way to complete the list of fish available in your Mountain Lake notebook is to go back after you beat the game and catch the fish that will now appear in the king's pond.

Try and catch them all!