Random Fish

Northern Snakehead

Aquiring collectable cards


In the Pond area you'll find Sasara the scientist. To help with her research, Sasara has requested that you bring her fish, plants, and bugs. In exchange she will give you special collectable cards with information about the object.

The cards are just something fun to collect, and you'll need to do so if your goal is to receive the Mineral Rod from Hiro and Sachi. Exchanging fish, plants, and bugs for cards is also the only way you can earn SP other than fishing. Cards can be sold to Jango for 50 SP each. Jango's buy price is set in stone, no matter how difficult it was for you get the ingredients needed for the card exchange.

You can only have 1 card of a specific type at a time, so if you want to receive another Yamame card you'll have to sell your existing Yamame card to Jango, then swap the necessary fish to Sasara.

Cards will become available in Sasara's inventory after you have collected the card's object for the first time. Once you exchange the correct number of objects for the card, the option to receive that specific card will disappear from her inventory. Sasara's card list will tell you how many of an object you need to receive the card and how many of that object you currently have on hand. For example, if you want the Bluegill card you'll need at least 4 Bluegill fish in your basket when you talk to Sasara.

To get plant and bug cards you'll have to keep an eye on your pet as you walk through the fishing areas. Your pet will alert you to an area you are passing next to that might have something hidden. Just stand next to the spot and press the A button to investigate. You might find a plant, bug, or nothing at all. Once you have looked at that particular spot, you'll need to exit the area and return to reset the plants and bugs available.

Just like with catching fish, the time of day will affect the chance of finding a particular plant or fish.