Random Fish

Electric Eel

Connecting with Wifi

The Wifi connection point is located inside your house. Tap the black telephone and you'll be able to use Nintendo's Wifi network. Before you can play in the fishing tournaments you'll need to empty your Basket of any fish that you might have on hand. If you're saving fish for the Card exchange you'll have to either ditch the fish by feeding them to your pet, or forgo using the wifi system until you have collected the Card.

After the game saves you'll be taken to the wifi menu screen, where you'll have four option:

In order to receive your Friend Code you need to start a wifi connection. At that point the game will save, connect to Nintendo's network, and generate a numeric Friend Code for you to use.

There doesn't seem to be any way to receive a FC without having to use a wireless Internet connection, although a FC is not necessary to participate in a random player selected fishing tournament. The FC will be necessary if you want to fish with people you know.

You can add other player's Friend Codes in your main menu.

You can opt to change the name of your character during the fishing contest. If you chose not to change the hero's default name at the start of the game, you might prefer to have a different name appear while competing against other players who also might not have changed their default name.

Tournament Rules

Before you can join a tournament you will need to empty your fishing Basket. You can't bring any fish from your game into the contest, and the game lets you know that even before you can access the wifi menu. You are also required to have tackle to use. If you run out of tackle the contest judge, Matsuri, will give you 1 Plain Bait.

You also can not bring your pet with you.

How To Participate

Select the Fishing Tournament menu, and then choose if you want to use your local wireless connection or Nintendo's Wifi network. The next screen will display the map areas that you have unlocked so far.

You can choose to participate in a regular contest or a largest-size contest. After that you select the area you would prefer to fish at, and then sit back while your DS connects to the other players.

If you are using the Nintendo network, you can play with your registered friends or play with 4 randomly selected people who are also searching for fishing competitors in your same category. The area that is eventually selected is determined by which area got picked the most; if all 4 of you chose different locations then the contest location is randomly selected from the 4 available.

If you are using the local wireless you can choose to start a tournament or join one. Each participant must have a copy of the game, as River King does not support single cartrige download play.