Random Fish

Black Silver Carp

Spirit Pets

In River King: Mystic Valley, you have three little pets that will join your party and help you catch the River King for your sister. These pets will voluntarily join you as you progress through the main storyline of the game.

When you first receive the spirit pet it will be very small. To raise the pet you will need to feed it fish that you catch. Each pet has certain fish that it loves, likes, or dislikes. Depending on how the pet feels about the food you give will determine how fast it will mature. If you feed your pet a lot of fish that he/she likes, then it will grow quickly. Even if you do feed it fish it may dislike, you will still earn a little bit of growth. After the pet grows through all 5 stages of maturity you won't have to feed it any more fish unless you choose to.

Each of the pets have a special power you'll need to use at certain points of the game. You can only have one pet with you, so the others will always wait for you inside your house. You can switch between pets by going home, talking to the new pet in your house, and selecting Exchange from the menu.

All 3 pets can help you while your fishing once they have reached their fourth stage of growth. There is always a random chance that your pet will reel in the fish for you, or even recover a lure if your line breaks.