Random Fish

Big-Headed BSC

Game Walkthrough

Area 3: Waterfall

Near Ponta's log-canoe (that is now wedged into the rocks) you'll find a young ninja. Manato says he's the number one fisherman and even offers to allow you to becomes his apprentice! Even when you decline his offer, Manato insists you become his disciple. He decides to challenge you to see if you can catch an Ayu that is 8 inches or more. You can find the small fish around the rocks that span the water.

Bring the fish back to Manato and he'll be impressed. It seems you've found yourself a rival! If you find him again be prepared to have a fishing contest.

You will need to leave the Waterfall area and return during the morning or night time.

In the southeast corner of the Waterfall you'll find a strange goblin busy washing a tub full of adzuki beans. He doesn't notice you until your pet starts jumping around. The bean washer becomes annoyed at your pet but you soon calm down the situation and explain that you would like to get passed him.

The washer thinks for a moment and then declines your request! He can't go anywhere until all of the adzuki beans have been cleaned. If you're willing to wash the beans for him though...

You'll have to play the bean washing mini game to finish the little goblins's job. Once you've cleaned his tub of beans for him he'll move out of the way. Now you can walk past him and onto the Stream area.