Random Fish

Great Brown


Jango's Shop

Jango's shop is set up in the southwest corner of the Pond area. He will be there during the Morning, Afternoon, and Night times. Jango will exchange your SP into fishing equipment, as well as give SP if you give him Cards from Sasara.

Jango only offers 50 SP for any card you want to give him, regardless of how difficult it was to collect the necessary fish, bugs, or plants to earn the card from Sasara. Trading the cards is really the only way to sell your items in the game.

At one point in the game he will move his shop to the Underground Lake. After you have completed Jango's request he will move back to his original spot in the Pond. Jango sells an unlimited amount of bait, drops, Guidances, and food but he only has 1 of each type of fishing rod, flute, and drum.

The drops, Guidances, flutes, and drum help to bring different feelings of attractiveness in the area you happen to be fishing.