Random Fish

Field Ludgeon

Game Walkthrough

Area 2: Mountain Stream

The second area consists of a long stream with a wooden bridge across the water. On the other side of the stream is a talking tree! The tree asks for your help removing an itchy bug from its leaves. You take the Cicada from the tree's branches. The grateful Tree Spirit thanks you and your little companion for helping to clear its head. If there is anything that's bothering you feel free to return to him.

Talk to Tree Spirit again and mention your sister is causing you some worry. You tell the story about your little sister's sleeping problem to him. The tree explains there are many monsters living in the forest that can have an influence on a human being. Tree Spirit thinks for a moment and comes up with an idea.

A Scale of the River King! It is an old being that is said to live since ancient times. The King is a fish and if you grind up its scale and drink it, any person will be able to become healthy in no time! Unfortunately Tree Spirit doesn't know where the River King can be found, as it is said to move around from place to place.

You'll have to use your fishing skills to catch the King. Tree Spirit reminds you that the other forest monsters may have information about the fish and recommends you talk to them. Before you leave, Tree Spirit tells you he'll help as much as he can.

To start the next part of the story, you will have to leave the Mountain Stream area and then return. The time of day does not matter.

In the southwest corner you'll find a girl crying along the riverbank. She seems so upset that you take her back to your house.

The girl's name is Ayaha and she has become separated from her older brother. Having a little sister of your own, you can understand how poor Ayaha was feeling alone. She inquires as to what is in the next room, so you show Ayaha your own slumbering sister and explain the story. Ayaha feels you can catch the River King. She will then leave to returns to the Mountain Stream to search for her own brother.

If you exit your house and go back, an intimidating young man blocks your doorway. He apologizes for suddenly appearing but he is looking for his sister! Ren begins describing her but you already know all about it. Agree to show him where Ayaha is (option #2) and the two of you will take off for the Mountain Stream.

Ren had been looking all over for her, and poor Ayaha is sorry for making him worry. On the other hand, if she hadn't gotten lost she would have never have met you! She explains to Ren how your sister is under some sort of strange influence, and how you need to find the River King to save her.

Ren hesitates at first, but finally tells his sister the whole point of coming to this area was so he could catch the River King! Now that there's two of you Ayaha predicts it will be captured much faster. Ren lets you know that he's heard that you must train yourself in order to catch the River King. He then leaves with Ayaha in tow.

Just like before, in order to progress the story you'll have to leave the area and then go back in. You will watch a cut scene where Ren explains to his sister how to use Chum to attract fish. You can buy Chum from Jango for 80 SP each.

In the same area where you found Ayaha crying, you'll find a strange little green spirit. Ayaha also notices the little fellow and figures out that he wants to go down the river. You volunteer to find a way to help the spirit.

Up near the bridge on the east side of the river you'll find a log. Stand in front of it and press the A button. You'll return to Ayaha and tell her about the large log on the riverbank. Ayaha figures that the log could be used as a canoe to take the spirit down the river. Of course Ren can help too!

Go to the opposite side of the river and talk to Ren. He's willing to help push the log into the water but he wants you to find him an White-Spotted Trout Card first. Luckily the fish are very easy to find in the Mountain Stream because it's the largest shadow in the water! You will need to catch 5 White-Spotted Trout and then exchange them for a card from Sasara in the Pond area.

Talk to Ren in order to hand over the card. Now that you've given him a gift, he will help you push the log into the river water. The log floats to the other side of the river, where you all gather to send the traveling spirit downstream on his log-canoe.

After a little while you'll hear a loud crashing sound, and up the path comes the little green spirit! The fellow went downstream and then destroyed the boulder that was blocking the road to the next area. He also wishes to join you and Kuon on your journey. The spirit's name is Ponta and he will hang out inside your house until you talk to him and choose "Change Pets".