The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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Remote Island

       Start your game again. You will appear back at your house and in a conversation with your dad. You're curious about the island you saw in the middle of the Heaven Jewel. Your dad doesn't know anything about it, but he suggests you talk to the captain of the Cruiser. Walk back to The Shore and talk with the captain. He wants to know if you would like to go to the Remote Island. 'Da Capt'n
Yuki Babe!        The captain takes you to the Remote Island, a magical place where you can find every species of fish on one map. Yuki will be sitting up on the cliff so dock the boat and go talk to her. She explains that the Remote Island is where her and all of the other gods reside. Unfortunatly Yuki has gotten herself into trouble. This time she took a star out of the sky withouth Zeus' permission. Zeus wants to punish Yuki, but he says that he'll forgive her if you can complete his challenge. He is going to transform into the King of Kings and you have to catch him.
       There are 6 fish in the Remote Island that will fill your Fish Memo (if you have caught all of the other fish in the other maps of course). All 6 fish will be located to the east of where Yuki is standing up to the bridge to the north. They won't all appear at the same time so you will need to switch from day to night and back again until you find all 6.

       Once you have found all 103 fish talk to Yuki again. Suddenly the King of Kings will appear! He is in the form of a King Salmon, so fish around the base of the cliff where Yuki is standing. When you catch Zeus he forgives Yuki for taking the star out of the Milky Way. After that you've beaten the game! Congratulations! The Fish King!