The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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The Beach

       The first lady you will probably see is the one next to the Inn after you leave your house. She wants a Sweet Brier flower. You can find them just south of her, on the other side of the bridge. Bring one back and she'll give you the Watch. Now you can change the time of day. Watch
Raft        The next guy down by the Bait Shop makes canoes. He will make you one too if you bring him a Dandelion. Just a little ways south of the Sweet Brier you'll find the flower that he wants. Bring one back to him to receive the Canoe. Now you can float around in the water!
       Just east of the canoe-maker is a fisherman. He is having a hard time catching Opaleye. You can find them at the water's edge right below the fisherman. Why he can't catch a fish that swims right next to him I don't know, but catch one for him anyway. In return he'll give you the Small Reel Rod. Small Reel Rod
Tulip Girl        On the other side of the bridge near the Fish Shop is a girl who is fond of small cute fish. If you give her a Kasago or a Sea Sculpin she'll give you a Tulip. The Tulips sell for 50 Gold a piece, so keep giving the girl those cute fish. She will mention Rockfish, but if you have some she won't exchange them for Tulips.

The Shore

       Once you've finished playing at The Beach, walk south to The Shore. Down at the very bottom is a guy with a large boat who just happens to be your Dad. You'll notice that your little canoe you just got can't handle the waters of The Shore, so you're going to need his big boat. Dad won't let you use the boat until you bring him back an P. Oyster. Walk back to The Beach and head to the northeast corner. There you'll find an old man who mentions you can dive for shellfish around there. Take you canoe out into the water and dive into the water. Make sure you've purchased the Swim Fins from the Bait Shop! Down at the bottom you'll find the P. Oyster. Return one back to him to gain access to the bigger boat. Bigger boat
The storm        As you're cruzing around in your bigger boat, you might venture toward the northeast corner. Suddenly a storm appears and your dad decides it's not safe to be out in the water. He returns you to the dock and says he's not going to go out again unless he can obtain a Scarab to ward off the storm. If you return back to your house, you'll notice that you can now walk off the screen to the left. Head that way to reach The Lake.