The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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The Lake

       There is an old man between the Tackle and Grocery shops who mentions that a Dung Beetle is a type of scarab. You can find them in The Stream, but unfortunatly there's an ogre blocking your way! He won't let you by until you get him some tofu. Tofu ogre
Grasshopper        Just south of the ogre is an old lady who likes Grasshoppers. She wants you to give her 5 Green Grasshoppers. You can find them just a little north of her in among the trees. Bring her back her bugs and she will give you 10 extra hit points! Sugoii!
       There is a house in the southwest corner with a family of foxes inside. One of them wants a Pink flower. You can find Pink flowers on the island in the middle of the lake. Return with the flower and the foxes will give you some tofu. Take the tofu back to the ogre and he'll dissappear, letting you continue on into The Stream. Pink

The Stream

       When you first enter The Stream there will be a strange man near the entrance. If you talk to him he will start talking about the earthquakes that have been going on. Suddenly another one occurs and he runs off scared.
Rose trading        The girl here has lived around Roses all her life and she's sick of them. If you give her a Violet she'll give you one of her many Roses. The guy behind her likes her very much and would like to give her a Rose, but he doesn't have any. Give him the Rose that you received from the girl and he'll give you a 8 foot Lure Rod.
       You'll have to come back to The Stream later to find that odd man, so let's concentrate on why we're here in the first place. Walk to the southwest corner of the map and you'll find a Dung Beetle. Before you leave though you will want to gather another bug. Behind the Fish Shop you will find a S. Cicada. Grab that one too. Dung Beetles
       Take the "scarab" back to your Dad at The Shore. It isn't what he had in mind when he wanted a scarab, but he takes the Dung Beetle anyway. Now the two of you can travel around in the boat again. Head back to the northeast corner and you'll find a boat dock.

Red Seabream guy        Just south of where you and your Dad park the boat is a fisherman. He says his sister is getting married and he's love to give her a "S. Reabrm". He actually wants you to get him a R. Seabrm, which you can find in The Ocean around the island in the middle or off to the east near the lighthouse. In exchange he will give you the 30 foot Trolling Rod.