The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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The Ocean

       Wooo you've finally reached The Ocean! Just south of the entrance is a man who wants to give his wife teriyaki yellowtail, but he doesn't have a Yellowtail to cook it with. If you get him a Yellowtail he will give you a Small Boat Rod. You can find the fish far to the east near the lighthouse. Small Boat Rod
Special Fish Shop        There is a shop by the save shrine that will pay you extra money for certain fish. The guy inside will pay you well for Sardines and Saurels. You can't find those two fish in The Ocean though, they're back near the gray boat dock in The Shore.
       The redheaded lady by the Inn mentioned that her daughter should watch out for the Sea Eagles but she's still worried for her safety. If you head to the dock you'll see a little girl sitting near the edge of the shoreline. When you go talk to her she is attacked by one of those Sea Eagles. Fight it off and in return she'll give you one of her stuffed dolls. Stuffed animal girl
The captain        The captain of the cruiser is more then willing to take you out into the Ocean but he has a problem. The singing of the mermaids means doom to anyone who tries to venture out in a boat. If he had a summer cicada it would stop the singing. Remember that S. Cicada you grabbed at The Stream along w/ the Dung Beetle? Give it to him and he'll be able to use his boat again. If you sold the S. Cicada you're going to have to walk all the way back to The Stream to get another one.
       Take the cruiser to the southeast corner of the Ocean. There is a ship smashed against the rocks here. Dive into the water and swim down to meet up with the mermaids. The one that was singing was under a spell from the Sea King and now feels bad for all the problems she caused. Another one mentions that she knows of an old man who could help you catch the Sea King, but she won't give you any more information until you get her two Scallops. If you dive into the water south of the lighthouse you'll find what she needs. After giving her the Scallops she tells you that the old man went back to an island in The Shore. She thinks he can help you out. Mermaids