The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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The Beach

       After the long walk back to The Beach from The Summit, head down along the coastline. Some boy is picking on a turtle that has washed up on the beach! The boy is willing to let the turtle go, but not without a price. He tells you he wants 3 dollars, but he will only take 300 gold. After you fork up the money and the boy leaves, the Turtle invites you to the Palace of the Sea Goddess. The Turtle

The Shore

Sea Palace        Walk back to the dock at The Shore. The captain and his cruiser will be there for you, so hop aboard and boat out to the far east of the map. Once you hit the east edge go a little north and you'll find the Turtle sitting in the water. Boat up close to him and then dive into the water.
       The Sea Palace is a very long ways down. You need to have at least 120 hit points before you should even attempt to swim down to the palace. Down at the bottom is the Sea Goddess, who is quite the party animal. When you ask her about the Cloud Seed Slug, she tells you that she doesn't have any but she can make one out of a C-S Slug. Walk back to the Beach and dive into the water near the lady who mentions she saw a strange creature. At the bottom you'll find the slug that the princess needs. Sea Princess
       Walk back to The Summit and give Yuki the box of Cloud Seed. Now she can make it rain, but you are missing one more thing. You are going to need a lure to catch the Sea King with. Yuki has heard that a master craftsman by the stream can make you one. Head back to The Stream.

The Stream

Worker again        That Worker who lost his Axe is back again. This time he is sitting in the northwest corner. He says that this time he has to open up a blocked cave but he has lost his Pick and requests that you go find it for him. He also gives you the axe back. Return to the Goddess' pond. To drop the Axe into the pond you will need to go into your Tool inventory and then press the A BUTTON while the cursor is on the Axe. When the Goddess asks if you dropped a golden axe tell her no. When she asks if you dropped a Pick tell her yes. Take the Pick to the worker and he'll make an entranceway to The Moor.

The Moor

       Lots of stuff to do here! The lady by the Fish Market is trying to get a Brook Trout for dinner but she sucks as an angler. Might as well get one for her. You can find the fish just to the south of where she is. It's easy to catch them if you use a Fly rod with a Stone Fly (wet). Bring her back one of any size and she'll give you the 11 Foot Fly Rod she was going to use. 11 ft. Fly Rod