Gameplay Basics

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       Starting the game is fairly easy; just plug in the cartrige and turn on your Gameboy. Once you reach the opening screen press START and you'll get the menu. You can choose to start a game, or delete a previous game. There are two different modes to play; Little brother or Big brother. Each one starts in a different part of the world. The little brother starts out at The Lake and the big brother starts out at The Beach. Eventually they'll both be able to reach each other's starting area. After you pick your name and watch Yuki ask for your help in recovering the stones from the River King and the Sea King, you're sent off to fish.

       There are 4 activites you can do in LotRK2; fish, collect bugs, collect plants, and swim for shellfish. For more information on each activity, click on it's corresponding link at the top of this page.

       One of the basic things you need to know is how to talk to people. Just walk up to someone and they'll start talking to you. To continue the conversation, just press the A or the B button. If you want to speed up the conversation just hold down A or B to make the text scroll by faster.

       There are 4 different types of shops you can go to. There's the Tackle Shop, Fish Market, Grocery Shop, and the Inn. Not every map has all 4 shops.

Tackle Shop - When you first start out, you will have a simple T. fishing rod. If you go to the Tackle Shop you can buy a better rod. There are other things for sale here too like hooks, bait, flies, lures, and trolling flies. You can also buy food here, which is used to regain your hit points.

Fish Market - There are some fish you can give to other people to gain items, but most of them you'll sell to the Fish Market. If you have small fish you won't receive much of a profit. Large fish are definatly worth a lot more.

      00 - 10 cm : 15 Gold each
      11 - 30 cm : 25 Gold each
      31 - 50 cm : 40 Gold each
      51 - 80 cm : 50 Gold each
      Above 81 cm : 80 Gold each

Grocery Shop - This shop is where you go to sell the bugs and plants that you have collected. There are two people in the shop - an old man and an old woman. The old woman will buy your bugs and plants depending on its rank. The old man will sell you items that corespond with bug/plant collecting. The old man also is the link to trading to other game packs. If you ask him to trade he will make you save your game and then open the link. If you have not hooked two Gameboy's up via a link cable, you can still save but he will not continue on with the link.

Inn - This is the place where you can rest and regain your hit points. For a small fee (10 to 40 Gold) you get a bed and a full recover of hit points. The Inn is also a 'mini' save of sorts. If you pass out somewhere in your travels you will be sent back to the last Inn you stayed at. You only will have 1 hit point though, so make sure you pay the lady behind the counter so you can stay the night.