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Bug Collecting

       There are a lot of insects to find. Some bugs will only appear during the day, while others will appear at any time. A few will also appear at night. To switch between day and night you can use the Watch. No bugs will appear if it is raining.

       Bugs can be located anywhere on a map. Usually you will find bugs against flowers, trees, cliffs, and houses. You will even find them out in the middle of the ground. To check to see if there's an insect, press A to activate the menu. On the second menu in the top right corner is the Bug selection. If there is no insect there you'll receive a message saying so. If there is a bug there you are sent to a closeup of what you were trying to look at.

Catching Bugs        If there is an insect in that location you get to see it crawling around. The three menu options are Catch, Sap, and Leave. If you select Catch a small net will appear. Maneuver the net around with the directional pad until it is on top of the bug. When the bug stops press the A button and you should catch it. If you miss you can try again, but some bugs will fly away if you miss too many times. The Sap you can buy from the Grocery Shops for 20 Gold. If you use it, the bug will stay still for a little while. The Sap is not reusable, so if you need more you have to go buy it again.

       Most bugs will fly or crawl around carefree until you catch them, but there are a few that will attack you if you miss with the net. Wasp and Hornet type bugs will decrease your hit points if you don't catch them fast enough. Sometimes if you just leave they'll attack! Be careful if you find one of these insects.

       When you first start out, your bug box can only hold 8 insects at a time. The Grocery Shop has a larger box for sale, which costs 100 Gold. Once you buy the new box there's no need to buy another one. You can see what bugs you have caught by pressing the A button to access the main menu, then move to the second menu and select the bug box option. The larger bug box can hold up to 16 bugs.

       There are 48 bugs available for you to collect, but 3 of those don't appear in the game. You will need to trade from Harvest Moon 2 in order to collect the H. Beetle, M. Butterfly, and O. Stag Beetle. To trade to HM2 you will need to trade LotRK2 bugs that also appear in HM2. You can trade Butterflies, Dragonflies, Cicadas, Stag Beetles, Fireflies, the AntLion, and the Ladybug. You can't trade Locusts, Grasshoppers, Crickets, Bees and Wasps, L-Beetles, Mantis', Ants, and some regular Beetles.

1 -
2 -
P. Butterfly
3 -
B. Butterfly
4 -
G. Butterfly
5 -
Y. Butterfly
6 -
W. Butterfly
7 -
M. Butterfly
8 -
B. Cicada
9 -
G. Cicada
10 -
S. Cicada
11 -
E. Cicada
12 -
M. Cicada
13 -
R. Dragonfly
14 -
B. Dragonfly
15 -
G. Dragonfly
16 -
C. Dragonfly
17 -
Ant Lion
18 -
Bl. Stag Beetle
19 -
Br. Stag Beetle
20 -
H. Stag Beetle
21 -
M. Stag Beetle
22 -
O. Stag Beetle
23 -
Genji Firefly
24 -
Heike Firefly
25 -
A. Beetle
26 -
H. Beetle
27 -
28 -
L. Locust
29 -
M. Locust
30 -
B. Grasshopper
31 -
G. Grasshopper
32 -
B. Cricket
33 -
Bl. Cricket
34 -
P. Cricket
35 -
36 -
Carpenter Bee
37 -

38 -
Honey Bee
39 -
Br. L-Beetle
40 -
Bl. L-Beetle
41 -
Gi. L-Beetle
42 -
Gr. L-Beetle
43 -
Praying Mantis
44 -
G. Beetle
45 -
Dung Beetle
46 -
47 -
L. Grasshopper
48 -
J. Beetle
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