There are eight different maps where you can catch fish. The first seven are available in regular game play. The eighth map is a bonus map you can get to after you have caught the River and Sea king.

The Lake

       This is where the Kid will start his fishing journey. At first there is a monster blocking the entrance to The Stream, but help out the foxes in the southwest corner of the map and the monster will move. If you are playing as the Kid you can get the Watch and the Canoe here by giving people the fish that they want.

The Stream

       You'll learn the story of a mysterious goddess who is said to live in the small pond to the north. You will also meet a clutzy guy who tends to drop his tools in the water. Help him out and he'll open up the way to The Summit and later the path to The Moor.

The Summit

       Yuki will be up here waiting for you near the waterfall. There are many people here who would like you to catch them certain fish. There is also a shop where you can sell your smaller fish for more then what the Fish Shop will pay for them. The River King lives here as well.

The Moor

       The Moor is a very long map, with just one river flowing down the middle. There is a strange cave in the northwest corner with an even stranger resident inside. A girl here will tell you what 7 flowers you need to give to your sister. You can also access the top of the waterfall in The Stream by walking south off the map on the east side of the river.

The Beach

       This is where the Teen starts his journey. There are several places where you can dive for shellfish. Here you will also find a poor turtle that is being harrassed by a boy, a lady who loves cute looking fish, and an old man who talks of the Sea King's curse.

The Shore

       There are a lot of fish here! Your Canoe isn't sturdy enough for the water, but if you help your Dad down at the dock he'll take you out into the water. You'll have to help him a second time in order to brave the storm and continue on into The Ocean. Far down at the bottom of the sea you'll find a princess who will help you catch the River King.

The Ocean

       The largest of all the maps, The Ocean is full of equally large fish. There are a few small fish, but you will mainly be using medium and large bait hooks along with the Trolling rod. The Sea King can be caught here after you complete certain tasks. There are rumors abound about mermaids and a little girl is being pestered by an eagle. The shellfish you collect here can only be sold at the Bait shop in this map.

The Remote Island

       After you have fished up the River King and the Sea King (and after the ending sequence), you are sent back to the title screen. Select the game data that you were playing previously and a new quest starts. Yuki has gotten herself into trouble again, and it's up to you to help her. Your task is to complete your Fish Memo and then catch Zeus in fish form.