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Fishing Basics

       What's a fishing game without fishing? If it didn't have any fishing, then it wouldn't be a fishing game at all. In LotRK2 there are six different kinds of fishing poles - regular rods, reel rods, fly rods, lure rods, trolling rods, and surf rods. Total there are 16 different rods you can collect. Many of the rods you can buy at the Tackle Shop, but some of them you receive as gifts by completing certain tasks.

T. Rods - When you first start out you only have a small T. Rod, some bait, and some hooks. The T. Rods are pretty bad. All you can do is toss the line into the water and hope a fish comes by and takes your bait. You have to rely on the water current to make your bobber move. If your hook isn't the correct size for the fish that bites the bait, the fish will get away.

Surf Rods - The next step up from T. Rods. They still need to use bait and hooks, but you can reel your fishing line in after you cast by pressing the B button. Since it uses hooks you need to make sure that you are using the correct size hook.

Fly Rods - These are good for catching small and medium fish. You can use the fly over and over (until eventually the fish will eat it). You can buy flies at the Tackle Shop, but you can only have one of each fly at a time. The Fly Rods also have a reel on them so you can bring in your line after you cast. When the fish bites on your fly, it is automatically hooked just like with regular bait-and-hook rods. If the fly is too small for the size of fish, the fish will get away when you start to reel it in.

Lure Rods - You can use lures to catch all sorts of different size fish. The Lure Rods can be used on any of the eight maps in the game. When a fish takes your lure, it isn't automatically hooked. In the underwater scene (which you're switched to when a fish takes your bait) your lure will be in front of the fish that nibbled on it. You have to drag the lure (by pressing A) in front of the fish until it swims up and bites it. If you have a long battle catching one of the fish with your lure, you risk a chance of your lure being destroyed. You can just buy another one at the Tackle Shop.

Trolling Rods - These rods only work in The Ocean, The Shore, and The Remote Island while you're on the captain's cruiser. You have to use special trolling flies which you can buy at the Tackle Shops in The Beach, Shore, and Ocean. When you use the Trolling Rods, you actually cast backwards from the direction that the boat was pointing. Once your lure is in the water, you can maneuver the boat around and the lure will follow the boat. You can also reel in the flies by pressing the B button.

Boat Rods - Another series of rods you can only use in deep water, these require hooks and bait. You have to be floating around in the boat to use them. Equip your bait and then toss out your line. Pressing down the A button will make your hook go deeper down into the water, and pressing the B button will bring it up closer to the surface. The number that appears by your hook represents how far down your hook is.

       To catch fish, toss out your bait and watch the water. There will be dark spots in the water that represent fish. You will know when a fish takes your hook by listening for chimes. If a fish is interested it will circle around your bait and you'll hear a few chimes. It's time to reel it in when you hear a steady tone.

  • dingaling.... dingaling..... - (Fish is circling your bait)
  • diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! - (Press the A button to reel him in!)
  • dingydingydingy - (The fish is not interested in your bait. Try a different one.)

Fishing them in        Once your fish is hooked, you'll switch to an underwater scene where you can see your fish in action. When the fish is first hooked, it will try to swim away. Let it swim until it stops. Once it isn't moving anymore, you can press the A or the B button to reel it in. The fish will wiggle while you reel it in, but it will wiggle a lot slower once it decides that it doesn't want to be caught. At some point the fish will try to get away by stopping and you'll hear another steady tone. Let go of your button at that point else the fish will break away. Here is where it is important to have the correct hook. If your fish tries to get away and you have the wrong hook size, it'll get away. Eventually you'll reel your fish in.

       Total there are 104 fish to catch. You can trade some of the fish to and from Harvest Moon 2 but it's not necessary to do in order to complete your Fish Memo. While you're looking through your memo remember that left and right on the directional pad will move the page by 1, but up and down will move it by 10. Below are the page numbers of where you'll find the fish in the Fish Memo.

1 -
2 -
Mirror Carp
3 -
Sucker Eel
4 -
5 -
King Carp
6 -
Killi Fish
7 -
8 -
9 -
Bleeding Shiner
10 -
Rock Bass
11 -
12 -
13 -
Amago Salmon
14 -
Coral Shrimp
15 -
Grass Carp
16 -
Crucian Carp
17 -
Lake Trout
18 -
Golden Perch
19 -
20 -
Golden Trout
21 -
Dolly Varden
22 -
23 -
Brook Trout
24 -
Cherry Salmon
25 -
Rainbow Trout
26 -
Yamame Trout
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
Brook Sticklbck
32 -
Landlckd Salmon
33 -
Brown Trout
34 -
Black Bass
35 -
Blue Gill
36 -
37 -
Loach Minnow
38 -
39 -
Shiner Minnow
40 -
River King
41 -
Surf Speedhead
42 -
Rock Snapper
43 -
Rainbow Runner
44 -
45 -
46 -
Black Snapper
47 -
48 -
Sea Bass
49 -
Sea Sculpin
50 -
51 -
52 -
Parrot Fish
53 -
54 -
Lancer Dragonet
55 -
56 -
57 -
Sea Eel
58 -
59 -
60 -
61 -
62 -
63 -
64 -
King Squid
65 -
66 -
67 -
Needle Fish
68 -
69 -
White Sheephead
70 -
White Darter
71 -
72 -
73 -
Scorpion Fish
74 -
75 -
Sea Perch
76 -
Greater Ambrjck
77 -
78 -
79 -
Giant Trevaly
80 -
81 -
Young Tuna
82 -
83 -
84 -
Blackmth Snappr
85 -
Whitemth Snappr
86 -
Bluefin Tuna
87 -
88 -
89 -
Horned Shark
90 -
91 -
Porcupine Fish
92 -
Ca. Yellowtail
93 -
94 -
Red Seabream
95 -
Young Yellowtail
96 -
Sea King
97 -
Rock Cod
98 -
99 -
100 -
Yellow Perch
101 -
Itou Salmon
102 -
King Salmon
103 -
104 -
King of Kings