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       In order to collect Shellfish you will need to swim down and find them. You will not need to trade with anybody to complete the Shellfish book, which makes it one of the easiest things to finish. You can even sell your collected shells to the Fish Market.

       Finding places to dive isn't that hard. You just need to be in the Canoe or Boat, float around, and when you find a good spot press the A button to bring up your menu selections. On the second page in the lower right corner you'll find the Swim option. If the location you're sitting in has something below it, you'll switch to the swimming screen. If there is nothing there you will receive a message saying so. You can only catch Shellfish in Sea maps. There are none to be found in The Lake, The Stream, The Summit, or The Moor.

Swimming        If you do find something where you dive, you'll switch to an underwater scene. Swimming uses up your hit points, so press the A button to bring up the menu and check how many you have left. You can also choose to return up to the surface from the menu. To swim down just keep pressing the B button. You will have to avoid other creatures like jellyfish and eels. If you hit one you take more damage and you are pushed back up a little ways. Eventually you'll reach the bottom and collect the shellfish. Then you are automatically sent back up to the surface.

       You can swim without buying the Swim Fins from the Grocery Shop, but you swim really slow. It's best to purchase the fins before you go diving anywhere. They only will cost you 200 Gold. Also some shellfish are a very long swim down. You may only have enough hit points for one dive. In that case make sure you bring some food along to eat afterwards if you want to swim down again. If you do run out of hit points while you're swimming you will drown. You will be sent to the Inn with only 1 hit point. Don't forget to actually sleep in the Inn before venturing out again!

       To collect all 24 Shellfish you won't need to trade with Harvest Moon 2. You can find all of them down on the sea floor. The one that is missed the most is the Sea Coral. If you go back to The Shore and swim down to visit the Sea Princess once you have received the Cloud Sea Slug she'll give you a free Sea Coral.

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Pearl Oyster
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Sea Anemone
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Cloud Sea Slug
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Turban Shell
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C. Shell
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E. Cockle
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Sea Cucumber
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Tr. Shell
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Sea Urchin
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Adusta Murex
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M. Scallop
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B. Lip
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Conch Shell
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Sea Coral