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       Use bait for T.Rods, Surf Rods, and Boat Rods. The Land bait can be purchased from Tackle Shops in the land-locked map areas and the Sea bait can be bought at the Ocean Tackle Shops. You can carry 8 of each kind of bait at a time.
Land Bait
Earthworm Earthworm 5 G
Maggot Maggot 5 G
Insect Insect 10 G
Mosquito Larva Mosquito Larva 5 G
Mayfly Larva Mayfly Larva 10 G
Paste Bait Paste Bait 15 G
Fingerling Fingerling 10 G
Frog Frog 15 G
Sea Bait
Lugworm Lugworm 10 G
Marine Worm Marine Worm 10 G
Mussel Mussel 10 G
Krill Krill 10 G
Rock Crab Rock Crab 20 G
H. Mackrel H. Mackrel 20 G
H.M. Fillet H.M. Fillet 10 G
Mackrel Mackrel 30 G

       The Lures and Hooks you can purchase from any Tackle Shop. You can have 8 of each type of hook in your inventory, but you can only have 1 of each lure. If you lose a lure you have to go buy a new one at the Tackle Shop.

Spinner Spinner Bait 40 G
Minnow Minnow 35 G
Popper Popper 30 G
Vibration Vibration 50 G
Crank Bait Crank Bait 50 G
Jig Jig 45 G
Worm Worm 25 G
Frog Frog 60 G

       The Land flies are used with the Fly rods while the Sea flies are used with the Trolling rods. You can have 1 of each kind of fly. Once they're destroyed you have to purchase a replacement one from the Tackle Shop. Land flies are sold in land-locked shops while Sea flies are sold in ocean shops.
Land Flies
May Fly (wet) May Fly (wet) 30 G
May Fly (dry) May Fly (dry) 35 G
Caddis (wet) Caddis (wet) 25 G
Caddis (dry) Caddis (dry) 15 G
Midge (wet) Midge (wet) 30 G
Midge (dry) Midge (dry) 35 G
Stone Fly (wet) Stone Fly (wet) 45 G
Stone Fly (dry) Stone Fly (dry) 40 G
Sea Flies
Young Yellowtail Fly Yg. Yellowtail Fly 20 G
Bonito Fly Bonito Fly 40 G
Young Tuna Fly Young Tuna Fly 60 G
Blue Marlin Fly Blue Marlin Fly 100 G
Spearfish Fly Spearfish Fly 120 G
Bone Hook Bone Hook 50 G
Squid Squid 100 G
Flying Fish Flying Fish 100 G