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Flower Collecting

       Collecting plants is one of the easist ways of making money. Plants will automatically regrow once the day shifts (day to night or night to day) so you can repick them. Some of them can be picked off the ground, given to you as rewards, or traded from Harvest Moon 2. In fact to complete the Flower Memo, you have to trade with Harvest Moon 2.

Flowers        Plants are very easy to find. Where ever you see a bunch of pink flowers you'll find a plant you can collect. Also unlike bugs, flowers will be there whether it is raining or not. How nice of them!

       To collect flowers just find the pink plants, walk up to them, and press the A button on your Gameboy. Once the main menu comes up, switch to the second screen and pick the selection in the middle of the right side (labeled "PIC"). You will then switch to a closeup of the flower.

Closeup        There are two flowers in the closeup shot. The one closest to you is the only one you can work with though. You have the option to Pick the flower, Water it, or ignore it and Leave. If you choose to pick the flower, a pair of scissors appear. Press the A button to use the scissors. You don't have to move the scissors and in fact you can't move them anywhere with the directional buttons. The Water option allows you to use your Watering Can on the plant. What the purpose of watering wild flowers is I don't know. After you pick the flower you learn what it's name is.

       When you first start out you have a small flower basket to keep your plants in. The small basket only holds 8 plants, so you may want to purchase the large basket from the Grocery Shop for 100 Gold. The large flower basket can hold up to 16 plants. The lady at the Grocery Shop will buy your flowers from you for different prices, depending on how high quality (their rank) the flowers are.

       Rank D - 5 Gold
       Rank C - 10 Gold
       Rank B - 20 Gold
       Rank A - 30 Gold
       Rank S - 50 Gold

       There are 32 different flowers you can collect. There is a spot for each one in your Mom's flower garden. Four of the flowers are not in the game though - you have to trade for them from Harvest Moon 2. The 4 flowers you can trade to Harvest Moon 2 are Pink, G. Lily, Narcisus, and Amarylis. The 4 flowers you can receive from Harvest Moon 2 (and complete your Flower memo) are Camomile, Sage, Saffron, and Rosemary. Since Camomile and Rosemary are only in the girl version of HM2, and Sage and Saffron are only in the boy version of HM2, you will have to trade from both genders.

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03 -
Shepherd's Purse
04 -
05 -
M. Vetch
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07 -
08 -
09 -
10 -
Pink Flower
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
A. Adonis
15 -
G. Lily
16 -
Tiger Lily
17 -
18 -
19 -
Bee Nettle
20 -
Bell Flower
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22 -
Sweet Brier
23 -
Sea Bells
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