The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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The Shore

       From the mermaid's place, take the boat west to The Shore. Since you have the cruiser there's no need to use your Dad's boat anymore. Once you are back at The Shore, head to the southeast corner and park at the dock. There is now a opening in the side of the cliff that didn't use to be there. Cave opening
Old man        This must be the old man that the mermaid's were talking about. If you try to communicate with him, he tells you to go away. He's not a very friendly guy, but if you talk to him a second time he will recognize the stuffed doll you are carrying around as his granddaughter's doll. The old man realizes you helped her out and becomes more cooperative. Turns out he's here to get the 130b trolling rod so he can catch the Sea King. Since you need the same thing the old man is willing to let you have it if you win his contest.
       He wants you to go catch a Spearfish that is at least 230 cm but larger then the one that he catches. You can find the fish just north of the island. Find one that is at least 230 cm; no matter what you catch his will be 1 cm smaller. After you win he will give you the 130b trolling rod and tells you to head back to the shipwreak in The Ocean. Spearfish
The King!        When you get close to the shipwreak, the king should emerge. Equip the 130b trolling rod and use a Squid for bait. The Sea King can be found around the area of the shipwreak, disguised as a darker-colored Blue Tuna. Catch that guy!
       The old man in the cave is greatful that you caught the Sea King and saved them from an incomming tidal wave that no one but himself knew about. After chatting with the old man you return home to find your brother. He says there was an earthquake that prevented him from finding the River King, and he asks that you complete his half of the quest.

The Stream

       Wander back to The Stream. That guy who ran off during the earthquake is now sitting under a tree in the northeast corner. He says he's there to repair the bridge that was once there, but he dropped his ax into the water on his way over. He wants you to go find it for him. Lazy dork