The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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       The lady who lives in the house to the southwest mentions a tale of a mysterious goddess who lives in a pond. There is a pond here behind some trees, but the only person here is a regular girl. She thinks the pond would be pretty with some Carp in it, so catch her a Carp and bring it back. The girl then turns into the goddess! In return she gives you the ax. The Goddess
New bridge        Return the ax to the worker, who is surprised that you somehow got it out of the pond where he dropped it. He then chops down the tree he was sitting under to make a bridge out of it. Now you can walk to The Summit.

The Summit

       The boy to the left of the bridge raises Hyacinth for a school project. He will give you one if you get him a Blue Gill. The fish you want are in several places, but you can find them just to the right of the bridge. Bring him back a Blue Gill and he will give you one of his flowers. Hyacinth
lure rod        The fisherman on the island on the other side of the bridgeworks at the fish shop down to the southeast. He is trying to fill their pond with fish but he can't seem to catch any. He would like you to catch 3 Breams and return them to him. You can find Breams just south of where he is standing and along the southern shoreline. In exchange he will give you the 14 foot Lure Rod.
       To the north is a father and son fishing team. The dad wants to show his son what a Catfish looks like but he can't catch one. His son doesn't think very highly of his dad since he can't even catch a simple fish. Save the dad's pride by catching a Catfish, which swim just to the south of where the two of them are standing. You can use any lure you want to catch one. Show the dad the fish and he will give you the 5 foot Fly Rod. 5 ft. Fly Rod
Yuki!        A man by the shops mentions he saw a girl sitting next to the waterfall looking into the water. Take your canoe out to the waterfall in the northeast corner and you'll find Yuki sitting on a rock. She says the River King is here in this lake, but he won't show himself. If it rains the River King will come to the surface of the lake, but because of him it never rains here. Yuki tells you that you need to go to the Palace of the Sea Goddess and ask her about a cloud seed slug. Walk back to The Beach