The Teen Walktrough

Quick Jump

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Pansey boy        As you walk north through the map you'll find a boy off to the side. His family runs a flower shop and they have a lot of rare flowers. He will exchange a Pansey for a fancy fish. The fish he wants is a Cherry Salmon, which you can find just east of him and a tad bit to the north, along the rocky shoreline. Bring one back to him for the S-Rank flower.
       In the far northwest corner of the Moor is a locked door. When you walk up to it, a voice can be heard on the other side. Looks like you found the Craftman that Yuki was taling about, but he is very hungry and is craving cucumbers. Head over to the east side of the river and go south. Mysterious door
Cucumber girl        Walk south, waaaaay south. Near the southern end of the Moor you'll find a girl hidden among some trees. If you walk around and talk to her you'll discover that she's eating a cucumber! The girl says if you are kind enough to bring her a Rainbow Trout she'll give you one of her cucumbers. Walk back to the bridge and fish just to the south using your fly rod. When you catch a Rainbow Trout bring it back to her in exchange for a cucumber.
       After you get the cucumber walk all the way back up to the northwest corner and talk to the door. The craftman on the other side has no problem letting you in once he knows you have the cucumber he desires. Yuki neglected to mention that the craftman was a weird green guy! Kappa says that before he can make you a lure to catch the River King, he needs you to bring him a firefly. He can't see in his dark cave. Head back out and to the east of his cave is a boy who talks about fireflies. Around him you can find the G. Firefly and H. Firefly that Kappa wants. Kappa
       Once you bring Kappa the two fireflies he can light up his cave. Kappa says he can modify your Frog lure to use against the River King. If you haven't bought one yet walk back to the Tackle Shop and get one for Kappa. Once that's completed take your new lure and walk back to the Summit.

The Summit

       Now you have everything you need to catch the River King! Walk back to The Summit and talk with Yuki again. She gets ready to use the Cloud-Seed Slug when a voice from above stops her. It is Zeus, Yuki's dad, who says you must prove yourself before you can catch the River King. He proposes a fishing contest between you and Yuki. If you can catch a bigger Brown Trout then she can then you win. The only requirement is that you must catch a Brown Trout that is larger then 65 cm. Brown Trout Contest
The King        Yuki will always catch a Brown Trout the same size you catch, so just make sure you get one that's larger then 65 cm. Once you win the contest Zeus gives you his blessing and allows Yuki to release the Cloud-Seed Slug to make it rain. The River King then appears! He will be hiding along the far west shore of the lake, among the normal Snakehead fish. He is the same shape as a Snakehead, but he has darker fins.
       Huzzah, you caught the River King! Now that the two pieces of the Heaven Jewel have been found, Yuki and Zeus can return back to their home. Before they go Yuki wants to thank everybody so the two of you head back to your house. Back home Yuki thanks everybody for their hard work. She then puts the two pieces back together to create the Heaven Jewel. While everybody marvels at the beauty of the jewel your brother notices something inside of it. Wooo!
       The end...? Maybe not...