Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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The Moor

       Remember how your sister back at home wanted some flowers? The girl here by the Item Shop tells you which ones you actually need. The flowers are Shepherd's Purse, Radish, Cottonweed, Chickweed, Parsley, Turnip, and Bee Nettle. Bring these 7 flowers back to your sister and she'll give you 40 hit points! The 7 Flowers

11 ft. Fly Rod        The lady by the Inn wants a Brook Trout. You can find them at the very south end of the waterway that runs through The Moor. Use a lure (like a Spinner) or a Fly (like a Midge-wet) to catch one. Return him the fish and she'll give you the 11 foot Fly Rod.

       Eigh? What's with this strange door in the northwest corner? If you walk up to the door, a voice from the other side says he's hungry and he'd like you to bring him a Cucumber. Where to find a Cucumber in a fishing game... Weird voice...

Pansy        The boy here wants some fancy fish. In return he'll give you a Pansy. He conciders Cherry Salmon to be fancy enough, so head a little ways upstream to find one. Bring the fish back to get the flower.

       On the other side of the water, east of the Fish Shop, is a girl behind some trees. Turns out she has a nummy Cucumber, but she actually wants a Rainbow Trout. You can catch R. Trout just south of the bridge. The man next to the bridge says they are very picky when it comes to bait, so use a Lure or a Fly to catch one. Give the girl your fish and she'll give you a Cucumber. Return to the voice, who is happy to receive the Cucumber. He unlocks his door so you can enter. Cucumbers!

Kappa        Ack, it's a freaky looking green guy! Kappa says he'll make you a lure, but it's too dark in his cave to see anything. He would like you to go find some Fireflies to light up his cave.

       There is a man just northeast of the bridge who talks about Fireflies. Near him you will find the two bugs you're after. Catch a Genji Firefly and a Heike Firefly and return to Kappa. Now that he has the two Fireflies, he can see much better. He tells you that you can catch the River King by using a modified Frog Lure. If you do not have a Frog Lure, go purchase one at the shop. Kappa will create you a Frog Lure you can use to catch the king. Fireflies

The Summit

Fish'n for Trout        Yuki is glad you found out what you need to catch the River King, but before you know it there's a new voice heard. It's Zeus, who happens to be Yuki's dad. He wants you to have a fishing contest with Yuki before he'll allow you to catch the River King. You and Yuki must catch a Brown Trout that's at least 65 cm long. If she gets a bigger one, you have to try again until you beat her.

       Once you beat Yuki in the Brown Trout contest, the River King will emerge. Now is your chance to catch him! Head to the northwest corner of The Summit and fish between the west wall and the bridge. Make sure you use your Frog Lure and the 14 foot Lure Rod. You may catch a lot of normal Snakehead but eventually you'll catch the River King! The KING

       After the River King is caught, Yuki will thank you for returning half of the Heaven Jewel to her, but she still needs the other piece. You're sure your brother has retrieved it by now. You will return home to see how he did, but unfortunatly your brother was attacked by an eagle and he hurt his leg. It's up to you to catch that nasty Sea King and get the jewel. Head back towards The Shore.