Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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· The Stream  · The Moor  · The Summit  · The Shore  · The Ocean  · Remote Island  ·

The Summit

       There is a girl by the bridge who would like a Blue Gill. If you fish up one for her, she'll give you a Hyacinth in return. How pretty! [Hiashinsu]

5 foot Fly Rod        Up north a fisherman is trying to teach his son a Catfish but he's having a hard time getting one. Show him you can do it to by catching one and giving it to the fisherman. He'll reward your great skill by giving you the 5 foot Fly Rod.

       The guy on the first island wants your help in catching Breams. He needs 3 Breams to be happy. Breams can be found just south of him, near the surrounding shoreline. Give him 3 Breams and he'll give you the 14 foot Lure Rod. Yowza! 14 foot Lure Rod

Me want fish!        The fellow who works the shop in the southeast corner of The Summit pays well for certain fish. He'll give you money if you bring him Loach Minnows and Darters. For each fish you bring him, he'll pay you 40g a piece. That's a lot better then the Fish Shop, who only pays between 15g and 25g for the same fish!

       Yuki is chilling out near the waterfall in the northeast corner of The Summit. Take your Canoe out and go visit her. She says that the Mountain God is here in this lake, but he isn't catchable right now. Yuki says you need to head toward the sea and talk to the Princess of the Sea Palace. She may be able to help break the spell the Mountain God put on the lake. Walk back to your house and you can now walk to the east to The Beach. Hail Yuki

The Beach

       The fisherman near the Inn would like you to catch him an Opaleye. You can find them just south of the Inn. Give him one and he'll give you a Small Surf Rod.

       The girl next to the Fish shop is only interested in cute little fish. Catch a fish, like perhaps a Sea Sculpin and give it to her. She'll reward you with a Tulip. She gives out S-rank Tulips, which are worth 50g a piece. That's better then only getting 15g to 25g for a little Sea Sculpin fish. You can also give her Kasago for Tulips. Tulip Girl

Save the Turtle!        This mean guy has trapped a poor turtle and wont let it go. Well, he will let it go, but for a price. He wants 300g before he'll let the turtle go. Pay him and he'll leave. The turtle thanks you for rescuing him and wants you to meet him out in The Shore. He wants to show you where the Princess is.