Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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· The Stream  · The Moor  · The Summit  · The Shore  · The Ocean  · Remote Island  ·

       Once you reach the end of the game, you return to the title screen. Return to your saved game and you'll appear back at your house. Your Dad is interested in the island that he saw in the Heaven Jewel and was going to ask Yuki about it, but she left before he got the chance to. You want to visit the island you saw in the jewel! Your dad suggest you go talk to the captain of the cruser down at The Shore. Back at home

       Walk back to The Shore. The captain is now at the boat dock where your Dad use to stand. If you talk to the captain he asks if you're going to the island. Tell him yes and he'll take you there. If you tell him no, he'll let you use the cruser to get around The Shore and The Ocean.

Remote jewel island

Yuki!        Hey it's Yuki again! She explains that the gods live on this island and she is glad that you made it out to see her. Suddenly Zeus' voice is heard telling Yuki that she can't be forgiven so easily this time. Apparently Yuki took one of the stars out of the Milky Way so that she could wish to see you again. Zeus is really peeved at her this time but is willing to forgive her if you complete his challenge. He will morph himself into the King of Kings but he will only appear if you complete your fish memo.
       There are 103 fish that you need to have documented in your fish memo before he will appear. After you catch the Sea King you should have 7 more fish listed after his page in the memo. One of the fish (Rock Cod) can be caught on The Beach along the east side of the map. The other 6 can be caught at the Remote Island, between the bridge and where Yuki is standing. They won't appear all at once so you will have to use the Watch to change the time from night to day and so on until you can catch all 6. Once that is completed talk to Yuki again and Zeus should reveal himself in the distance. Zeus
The King of Kings        The King will be swimming just south of Yuki in the form of a King Salmon. Use your lure rod and the Frog lure to catch him. Once he's caught you've completed the fish memo!