Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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The Shore

The Storm        Walk back to your dad and get on his boat. Take the boat out to the northeast corner, but before you can get there it suddenly starts to rain. A great storm appears and Dad decides it's best to return to the dock instead of continuing on. Back at the dock, it appears as though the Sea King created the storm to cause you problems. Your dad says if you can find a Scarab it will have the power to calm the Sea King's storm.

       The man who gave you the Watch back at The Lake mentions that you could use a Dung Beetle as the scarab. Head towards The Stream. Once you get there, go to the southwest corner. There are some flowers there and if you hunt for bugs, you'll find a Dung Beetle Take the bug back to Dad at The Shore. He's not too happy about receiving a Dung Beetle, but as long as it's a scarab it will have to do. The bug

30 ft Trolling Rod        Just a little south of where you get off the boat is a fisherman who is trying to catch a Red Seabream for his sister's wedding presant. Unfortunatly he's in the wrong place. You can catch Red Seabream near the small island in The Ocean or out by the Lighthouse. Bring one back to him and he'll give you the 30 foot Trolling Rod.

The Ocean

       The Ocean is very large. The town is located in the northwest corner of the map. There's a shop by the Tool Shop that will pay you extra money for Saurel and Sardines. You can get these two types of fish near the dock area in The Shore. Aji and Iwashi dealer

Buri        The guy here south of the Tool Shop wants to give his wife teriyaki yellowtail to eat, but the fish are too far away for him to catch. Bring him one and he'll give you the Small Boat Rod in return. You can catch Yellowtail far to the east, near the Lighthouse.

       There is a little girl by the Bait Shop who is being pestered by an Sea Eagle. When you talk to her, it attacks you. Beat it and she will be greatful for saving her. In return she gives you her Stuffed Doll. Stuffed Bunny Girl

New boat captian        The boat captain is willing to take you around The Ocean. Unfortunatly he can't take you out right now. The Mermaids are singing and that means that any boat that goes out will be destroyed. The Mermaids might stop singing if they hear the noise of a Late Summer Cicada. Walk back to The Stream. Just north of the Fish Shop you'll find a Summer Cicada in the trees. Bring one back to the captain and he'll let you use his crusert. This boat you can take back to The Shore by crusing through the west wall of The Ocean map.