Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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· The Stream  · The Moor  · The Summit  · The Shore  · The Ocean  · Remote Island  ·

The Lake

       The first thing you want to do is get the Canoe. The man by the Inn wants a Sucker Eel. You can catch one without having to buy any extra equipment or bait - your starting pole and worms will work. Make sure you are using a small hook. Catch a Sucker Eel and talk to him again. He'll take your fish and give you the Canoe in return. Now you can boat around in the water! Canoe

Watch        Now you're going to want the Watch, which will allow you to change the time whenever you want. The old man by the Bait shop wants a Roach so he can trade it for an Arowna with someone on the Internet. Again you can use your beginning equipment to catch one. Give him the fish and he'll give you the Watch in return. When you want to change day to night or visa versa, go into your inventory and activate the Watch. Pressing LEFT and RIGHT on your directional pad will change the minutes. Pressing UP and DOWN will change the hours.

       Since you're pretty low level, any amount of extra hit points will help! Talk to the old lady on the other side of the bridge. She wants 5 Green Grasshoppers so she can make a lunch for her grandson (yuck!). The bugs are found just a little north of her. Catch 5 and bring them back to the old lady. She'll reward you with 10 extra hit points! Extra Hit Points

Tofu!        Think you're ready to move onto The Stream? No can do, there's a tofu-loving ogre in your way! He won't move until you give him what he wants. Head down to the Fox's house. They'll give you some Tofu, but you'll have to find them a Pink flower. Pink grows on the island in the middle of The Lake. Since you have the Canoe, it will be easy to boat out and pick a Pink flower. Return the flower to the green fox and he'll give you Tofu. Return back to the ogre and he'll take the Tofu, opening up the path to The Stream.

The Stream

       When you first walk into The Stream map, there will be a worker standing near the entrance. When you go talk to him, he complains about the earthquakes that are constantly occuring. Suddenly another earthquake occurs! He freaks out and then he leaves to go to sit under a tree in the northeast corner of the map. If you go talk to him again, he says he's here to repair the bridge that is out but he dropped his Axe on the way over. He wants you to go find it for him. The Dork

Rod        Now here's an interesting couple. The man wants to talk with the girl, but doesn't feel like he can without a Rose. The girl has lived around Roses all of her life and she's tired of them. She wants something other then Roses. Pick a Voilet for her, which are growing right next to the save shrine. Give her the Voilet and she'll give you a Rose. Give the man the Rose and in return he'll give you the 8 foot Lure Rod.

      The old lady who lives in the house in the southwest corner talks of a mysterious pond where a goddess is said to live. Head up to the pond and there's a cute babe on the dock! She requests that you bring her a Carp. The fisherman near the waterfall complains how they eat his bait. Take his advice and use either a Fly or Lure rod - you can't catch Carp using a regular rod/bait combo. Babe

Dork again..        Bring the babe a Carp and she'll turn into the mysterious goddess! She wants to give you back the Axe the guy dropped earlier. Take the Axe and head back to that doofus, who is still chilling out under the tree. Give him back his Axe and he'll chop down the tree and make it into a bridge. Now you can cross the ravine and go to The Summit!