Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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The Shore

The boat        You can't use your Canoe in the waters of The Shore. Your little boat isn't strong enough to brave the waves. Down at the dock though your Dad would be willing to loan you his boat, but he wants an P. Oyster for your Mom. In the northeast corner of The Beach you can find P. Oyster underwater. Make sure you've purchased the Flippers from the Bait Shop. Swim down and get an P. Oyster for him. Return it to him and he'll let you use his boat.

       Talk to him again after he thanks you and you'll get to cruze out onto the water. Float out to the far east and you'll eventually see your turtle friend again. Dive into the water next to him and swim. The location you're aiming for is a very long ways down, so make sure you have enough hit points to handle swimming that far. You need to have at least 140 hit points before you dive in, else you'll drown on the way down. The Turtle revisited

Another babe!        Hey, there's another babe living on the ocean floor! She'll give you something to help you break the Mountain God's spell, but you need to bring her an Cloud Sea Slug. Back at The Beach there's an old lady who mentions a strange creature in the water. Take the canoe out a little ways off shore and dive into the water. On the bottom you'll find one. Bring it back to the sea-babe and she'll give you a box of Cloud-Seed slug that you can use to make it rain at The Summit.

       Now that you have the box, walk back to The Summit and talk with Yuki again. She takes the box from you, but the box isn't enough to catch the River King. You need a special Lure too. Head back to The Stream.

The Stream revisited

       Remember that goofy guy who dropped his Axe into the water? Well he's back, this time chilling out next to the waterfall. It seems as though he's lost another one of his tools, a pickaxe this time. He gives you back his Axe in hopes you can find the Pickaxe. Goofy guy keeps loosing his tools!

Get the Pickaxe        Walk back to the pond where you got the Axe. Go into your item inventory and press A when the cursor is on the Axe. You'll drop it into the water of the pond and the Goddess will appear again. She is more then willing to exchange the Axe for the Pickaxe. Take the Pickaxe back to the guy, who then picks a hole into the cliff so you can walk to The Moor.