Meadow Island

Meadow Island

Meadow Island is unlocked from the start of the game. This is the location where all of the contest festivals during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter will take place.

This island is also home to the Sun Stone shrine. On the 10th of Spring in your first year, everyone will hear a strange voice. The villagers will gather together on Meadow Island to try and figure out where the noise is coming from. If you walk up to the Sun Stone shrine on the north end of the island, you'll be able to see Agete and hear his story about the cursed islands.

Whenever a festival takes place on Meadow Island, Kirk will not take you there by-boat until the festival start time. The passage of time stops during a festival, so you can go fishing off the edge of the island and take as long as you want. You will lose stamina as you are fishing.

Hidden Sun Stones

The only Sun Stone on Meadow Island is given to you by Taro during the event where you meet Agete.

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