Rival Marriage

The other couples in the game can get married, before or after your own wedding ceremony. You need to see the 3 rival events in order to get the other couples hitched together.

Denny and Lanna's black rival event

Rival events will unlock as you progress in game years and you are at or below the rival event friendship point requirement:

  • Black Rival event: available starting in year 2 and the marriage candidate is at a black heart color (10,000 fp) or less.
  • Green Rival event: available starting in year 3, you have seen the Black Rival event, and the marriage candidate is at 6 and a half hearts (35,000 fp) or less.
  • Orange Rival event: available starting in year 4, you have seen the Green Rival event, and the marriage candidate is at 10 hearts (59,999 fp) or less.

If you are married, then you no longer have to worry about the friendship point requiprement. You do still have to see each of the 3 rival events in-order, and meet the minimum year requirement.

Rival events have the opposite heart color requirements as heart events. The events will be available if the marriage candidate is at or below the black, green, and orange heart colors. If the person's heart color is above the rival event heart color then the rival event will not occur.

For example, if you were playing as the boy character, you are not married, and Sabrina is at a purple heart color, then you can not see the black rival event if you haven't done so already! Sabrina would need to be at a black heart color for the black rival event with Vaughn to be viewable. She would also need to be at a black, purple, blue, or green heart color in order for you to see their second rival event.

The time requirement for the Black Rival event has changed compared to past versions of Harvest Moon. Before, you could see the first rival event when you are in your first year. In Sunshine Islands, you must wait until you have reached your second year before you can see the first rival event. This gives players a whole year to work on raising the marriage candidate's heart color to above black. If the heart color is not black, then the Black Rival event can't trigger.

One week after you see the orange rival event, the couple will get married. The ceremony will shift over a day if it was going to bump into a festival or if the weather on the wedding day is Rainy, Drizzly, or Snowy. There's only happy sunny days allowed for a wedding!

If you triggered two orange rival events on the same day, the one belonging to the first couple will have their wedding first. The second couple's ceremony will shift over a day.

The rivals do not have children in Sunshine Islands. Once the couple is married, one of them will move in with the other one:

  • Natalie will move in with Pierre
  • Julia will move in with Elliot
  • Lily will move in with Will
  • Vaughn will move in with Sabrina
  • Denny will move in with Lanna

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