Sprout Island

Sprout Islands

The eastern main island is called Sprout Island. This is where you'll find a large number of residences, including Lanna, Carol, Regis, Gannon, and others. Sprout Island has a beach area on its eastern side where you can find a single Sea Urchin every Spring and Summer season. The boat dock is reserved for Will's yacht.

  • (A) Carol's Inn - The sub villager Carol runs the inn by the bridge. The inn has 5 rooms reserved for guests; Lily's room is on the back wall by the fountain, and Chelsea/Mark's room is to the right of Lily's room.
  • (B) Regis' Mansion - Regis and his beautiful daughter, Sabrina, live here. Regis is the president of an important mining company, so his office and papers take over most of the first floor.
  • (C) Denny's shack - Between 6:00 am and 8:00 am, Denny will be out at sea fishing so his house is locked. You can visit him after he comes back.
  • (D) Will's Yacht - The boat (and Will) won't be on Sprout Island until you have raised Volcano Island. The ship has a separate cabin where Will lives.
  • (E) Haila's Cafe - Haila sells light and sweet foods that are good for recovering your Strength, such as French Toast, Soy Milk, and Strawberry Rice Candy.
  • (F) Lanna's House - The semi-retired pop star spends a lot of time inside her house or outside at the Sprout Island beach.
  • (G) Martin's House - A fishing sub villager, Martin never really leaves the Sprout Island area and can be found by the well or inside of the cafe.
  • (H) Gannon's Shop - The carpenter will have his shop open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm, and he is closed on Sundays. The large rock by his front door will collect Seaweed during the Spring season, which is good for shipping at the beginning of the game.

Hidden Sun Stones

There are 2 Sun Stones hidden around Sprout Island:

  • Check the well between Martin and Gannon's house
  • On Will's yacht, investigate the barrel at the front of the ship

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