Friendship Points

Making friends with the other people on the island is a nice thing to do. You might end up unlocking events, receiving items, and even getting married. Your animals also have friendship points, which help to give you higher quality goods. Animals with high hearts will also win animal festivals, where you will be rewarded with Wonderful stones.

Making Friends with Villagers

To see how the other people feel about you, go into your Assets menu and tap on the Inhabitants List; the icon looks like a man at the top of the touch screen. You will then reach your Inhabitants and Harvest Sprites pages. Each person has 10 heart markers that will tell you how they feel about you. Characters who you can't marry will have orange hearts, and characters you can marry will have red hearts. The Harvest Sprites have blue hearts.

The small heart markers on the human Inhabitants page are generally not equivalent to the colored hearts that appear on eligible marriage candidate portraits. Even if the person you are trying to marry has 10 hearts on the Inhabitants page, it doesn't mean that they automatically are at a red heart color.

Just like in past Harvest Moon games, your relationship with the other villager are based on a point-scale. The hearts that appear next to the portraits on the Inhabitants page will give you a rough estimate of how many points you have with that person.

People will not accept your gifts unless you have talked to them for several days in a row. You will have to talk to the person for about 4 days in a row, and then they will accept gifts on day 5. Even the Harvest Sprites will reject your gifts until you warm-up to them.

Giving a stack of gifts is the same as giving 1 gift! It is pointless to give someone a stack of items. You would be wasting items that could be used for other purposes.

Gifts that you give have a point value to them. The better the gift, the more points you will earn with that person. The villager and sprite team has a high favorite "special" gift that is worth the most points to their friendship. Each person and Harvest Sprite team will only accept 1 gift per day from you, so try to give a gift with the highest impact on their friendship points.

Special Loves Really Likes Likes Dislikes Hates HORROR
+800 FP +500 FP +300 FP +100 FP -500 FP -800 FP -5000 FP

Besides giving gifts, there are other basic tasks that will increase your friendship with people:

  • Talking to a person will earn you 100 fp. When you give a gift, you talk to the person first and then give the gift. You don't have to talk to the person again after giving in order to get the extra 100 fp.
  • Winning festivals will increase your fp with the people who are in attendance. Talking to people who are there will get you 300 points, but winning a contest can get you about 700+ fp.
  • Heart events increase the bachelor or bachelorette's friendship points with you. Positive answers will add 2500 fp.
  • If you Show the person a wild animal that they like, it is an additional 100 fp for that day. To get the wild animals off of Animal Island, you have to hire them to work. When they are working, you can pick up the animal and then show them to someone walking around outside. The ducks can not be picked up when working, but none of the villagers prefer them. You can also show the villagers your pets.

You can also lower friendship points just as easily as you can increase them. Each person has a "horror" gift that will decrease their friendship by a whopping 5000 points! There are other ways you can also lower your friendship with everyone on the islands:


Make sure you don't miss when you are giving gifts! Throwing items onto the ground when you are outside of your farm is "littering", and it will lower friendship. If you throw something on the ground when you are inside, then it affects everyone inside and -300 fp. If you throw something on the ground when outside, then it is -100 fp. Be careful when giving gifts!

Ignoring a person for a day has a 30% chance of decreasing his or her friendship by 100 points. One hundred points isn't a whole lot, so don't worry about not talking to everyone at least once per day.

If you show a villager an animal (wild or pet) that they don't like, then it will be -100 fp.

Making Friends with Animals

Animal Hearts
0 hearts0 friend points
1 heart1 to 100 fp
2 hearts101 to 200 fp
3 hearts201 to 300 fp
4 hearts301 to 400 fp
5 hearts401 to 500 fp
6 hearts501 to 600 fp
7 hearts601 to 700 fp
8 hearts701 to 800 fp
9 hearts801 to 900 fp
10 hearts901 to 1000 fp

Each animal (pet, ranch, or wild) has 10 heart markers just like the villagers. Each one of the hearts is worth 100 fp instead of 6535 fp. It will take a long time to raise the animals to the max 10 hearts.

The pets and cows, chickens, and sheep will increase FP as you interact with them. There are also bonus mini games that may appear that will also add more fp to the animal.

  • Talking to an animal is worth 1 fp
  • Brushing an animal is worth 3 fp. You can increase this if you attach Yellow Wonderfuls on your brush. Remember to power up your brush before using it to get the extra bonus friendship points.
  • Getting milk from your cow is another +1 fp. If you play the milking mini game you can get +4 for a small milk, +8 for a medium milk, and +12 for a large milk.
  • Collecting wool from your sheep is +3 fp, and you can earn bonus friendship for using the clipping mini game.
  • The petting mini game that appears may earn up to 20 fp if you complete the game and the animal has hearts around it at the end of the game.
  • Leaving your animals outside on Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy days will also increase their fp. For every hour the pets, chickens, and livestock are outside on a Sunny or clear day, they will earn .2 fp. On Cloudy days, you will earn .1 fp.
  • Cows and sheep that are outside need mature pasture grass to graze on. Each time they eat you'll earn 1 more fp.
  • An item that you enter into a festival will get you +30 fp, even if you don't win!

Just like with villagers, you can decrease your fp with the animals by doing bad things. Don't hit your animals with your tools (-10), forgetting to put food in their barn feed bins (-5), leaving them outside in the rain (-1 for every hour), leaving them outside during a storm (-10), and letting them get scared by a wild dog (-2) will all decrease the animals' fp.

The other big way to decrease fp is if you forget about an animal that you've entered into a festival. When Mirabelle comes to take the animal away for the festival, don't forget to actually attend the festival! If you forget, Mirabelle will stop by your house the next morning and give you a scolding for leaving your animal unsupported. Your animal will also lose 20 friendship points!

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