Little Brother Walkthrough

Quick Jump

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       Take the boat to the southeast corner of The Ocean. You'll see a ship that appears to have crashed into some rocks. Dive into the water by the ship and you'll find the mermaids. One of them knows of an old man who can help you, but she won't tell you where he is until you get her two Scallop shells. You can find Scallops just south of the Lighthouse, below the small stone in the water. Return with the Scallop and she'll tell you that the old man is on the island in The Shore. The Mermaids

130 foot Trolling Rod        Take your boat back to The Shore and head towards the southeast corner. There's a dock where you can park your boat, and there's a cave in the side of the cliff. Inside is an old man, who at first doesn't want to talk to you, but then he recognizes the Stuffed Toy you are carrying around. It belongs to his granddaughter and he thanks you for helping her out. He tells you that you need a 130 foot Trolling Rod to catch the Sea King. He has one, but you must beat him in a fishing contest. You have to catch a Spearfish of at least 230 cm in size. You can find Spearfish just north of his cave and south of the turtle. After you win his contest he'll give you the rod.

        Once you have the 130 foot Trolling Rod, head back to The Ocean. If you're ready to catch the Sea King, equip the rod and make sure you use a Squid as your bait. Take the boat out near the mermaid's shipwreak and the Sea King should reveal himself! The king!

Wooo!         If you fish just northwest of the shipwreak, next to the small stone that's in the water, you should find the Sea King. He's hidden among all of the Tuna that are also there, so it might take a few tries but you'll eventually catch him!

       Whooo you've caught both the River King and the Sea King! With both of them caught, the Heaven Jewel can finally be put back together. Good job! You'll return back home to meet Yuki and put the Jewel back together. After it's back together your brother notices there's something inside the Heaven Jewel. You all gather around to look inside...

The End.... but not really ;)