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Gardening Tour. what the hecky happend here.. Help!
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Author:  ♪PhantomSkye♪ [ Sep 15, 2021 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Gardening Tour. what the hecky happend here.. Help!

Have the Gardening tour blueprint placed in town. The first time i did tour a had no items on top of the area were you put gardening things on top. i got about 168 money. now i did it in 2nd year with it completly filled and i got no money as it said id better prepare a garden next year.

How is it possible to get money by having nothing and then but it dont count at all with the all the spaces filled??
Year1: litaraly nothing placed
Year 2: Bushes x9? Ball Topiary x5 Cone tree x3 and Potted margerites x3
like, whaaat? How tho?
dont you like, need to put stuff on it? did i put the wrong things? should i put all of 1 thing?
idk im confused as to why it didnt work at all the 2nd time.
Help Please!

Author:  Kikki [ Sep 15, 2021 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gardening Tour. what the hecky happend here.. Help!

The Gardening Tour is tricky. I hate it, so I eventually decided to just alternate two designs (you can't enter the same design twice or you won't get any points for the items that were reused.) So now one time I enter with the Gardening Tour spot packed with...I think it was 36 Weather Vanes. The next time, I alternate with 36 Lattice Fences, 1 wooden pillar, 1 wooden fence and 2 matching flower pots.

I never bother to do anything else, lol...but if you want to figure it out, the Fogu ANB guide has a page on the Gardening Tour.

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