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What is the standard phrase for Harvest Sprites? Budum, Cock-a-doodle-do, or Psaw:


Topic review - Looks like I was right about Marvelous
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  Post subject:  Looks like I was right about Marvelous  Reply with quote
So a long time ago I posted a thread here regarding the truth of the whole Bokumono IP fiasco as well as my fears on Marvelous's handling of the series here: and with the incredibly lackluster release of POOT it looks like my fears weren't in vein, we're back to the DS era quality of games, Hashimoto truly was the only one keeping the franchise afloat, Marvelous just doesn't care and is milking the cow for all it's worth by farming out the license (pun very much intended) to all these different types of studios in the vein of numerous crossover spinoffs & even a mobile game just to make a quick buck. Now they've even done it with the next mainline entry. I know everyone's excited about the next Bokumono remake but after the dumbing down & kiddyfying they did with the FOMT remake (which was also farmed out to another studio mind, also explains how absolutely lazy the remake came off in that it didn't try to merge FOMT with BTN into one big, definitive Mineral Town game like I was hoping, it was basically just a glorified GBA port) I'm not even sure I WANT another remake, I'm afraid now Marvelous is just gonna go ahead and ruin a beloved classic with no attention paid to the hardcore fans. It's obvious to me now that Marvelous has been trying to redirect Bokumono's target demographic from all ages to very young kids ever since they got ahold of the franchise. The 3DS games were only as good as they were thanks to Hashimoto at the helm. Now with both him and Wada gone, it's hard not to be bleak regarding the future of Bokumono.
Post Posted: Jun 18, 2021 7:16 pm

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